5 dream matches WWE could be planning for WrestleMania 38

WWE may be set to deliver an all-time WrestleMania 38 card with a few dream matches.
WWE may be set to deliver an all-time WrestleMania 38 card with a few dream matches.
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WrestleMania 38 has a lofty goal of selling out two straight nights inside the 100,000+ seat AT&T Stadium. The WWE roster has many top stars and rising talent who will deliver inside the squared circle, but the allure of dream matches have the necessary star power to draw fans for the show.

The rumors have already started to circulate with several legends in talks with the promotion to ramp up the cards for the Show of Shows. WWE currently has active Hall of Famers, returning stars, and all-time greats who are thinking of making an in-ring return for the biggest show of the year.

The Rock will show up at the end of WWE Wrestlemania 38 after Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar. It will set up their dream match at the end of Wrestlemania 39. That's the big "Austin Level" surprise for fans. You all know this.No need to hear it from a news source.

Whether it be a long-awaited showdown for the performers or a current star who has always wanted a dream match, WWE has the task of delivering two stellar lineups which will live up to the legacy of Mania.

#5 on our list of dream matches WWE could be planning for WrestleMania 38 - Sasha Banks vs. Trish Stratus

“Who knows? That is appealing to me. I think she is a fantastic athlete. She has brought so much to the company, and has elevated the women in the industry from what she’s done.”- Trish Stratus on facing Sasha Banks(via Vibe 105 Sports)

Following falling significantly short in her efforts to win the Women's Royal Rumble Match, Sasha Banks will be looking to earn a prominent spot on the Mania card. Last year, The Boss headlined the Showcase of Immortals in a historic main event against Bianca Belair with the SmackDown Women's Championship on the line. If Sasha finds a similar upper card position this year, it may have to go against a legend.

Trish Stratus last competed in the squared circle against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019. It was a terrific contest that saw Flair earn one of her biggest victories over the WWE Hall of Famer. If she returns to the ring one more time, she will be hard-pressed to find a competitor as capable and decorated as Banks.

Both women have admitted that they would love to face each other. They share a unique bond with the fans and could split the crowd with supporters going for both superstars. This is an epic showdown that has only been teased in the first Women's Rumble in 2018 and would be a welcome addition to this year's Mania.

4) Lita vs. Bayley - WrestleMania 38

The fact that someone like @AmyDumas wants to be back fighting for a title speaks volumes on our whole division. Go win, Lita. I got next.…

With WrestleMania 38 on the horizon, Lita will be competing in her first female singles match since 2006 this Saturday at Elimination Chamber 2022 in Saudi Arabia. The contest against RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch came about at the last minute and may lead to more high-profile showdowns for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Since her return, Lita has crossed paths with Lynch and Charlotte Flair, but another one from the Four Horsewomen may offer an excellent encounter for her.

Bayley has been out with an ACL injury since July but is recovering and may return soon. A dream match against Lita is about as good as a return for Bayley can get.

3) Edge vs. AJ Styles - WrestleMania 38

Yes or No?AJ Styles vs Edge for the WWE Championship@AJStylesOrg @EdgeRatedR #WWE #WrestleMania

AJ Styles has made it a tradition to campaign for dream matches against legends. These efforts have been hit or miss. Styles was able to meet The Undertaker in the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36 in 2020, but he also couldn't convince Triple H to go one-on-one at the Show of Shows.

The latest legend who has been called out is the Rated-R Superstar Edge. Since his return at Royal Rumble 2020, he has put on excellent matches against Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

An encounter against AJ Styles could be better than all these previous bouts and give Mania a true bonafide show-stealer as well as a massive bump in star power.

2) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens - WrestleMania 38

#WWE has reportedly contacted Stone Cold Steve Austin to have a match at #WrestleMania 38. Moreover, there are rumors that his opponent might be Kevin Owens!

The final two entries have provided the biggest news and excitement for WrestleMania 38 this week. The news of Stone Cold Steve Austin's potential in-ring return at the biggest show of the year in his home state of Texas writes itself. The Rattlesnake hasn't competed in a match in nearly 20 years, following WrestleMania 19.

WWE seemed to set up Austin's dream opponent in Kevin Owens. There are so many aspects that make this the perfect return match for the Texas legend.

The Prizefighter cut an anti-Texas promo that set up a hometown hero to square off with KO in Dallas. Owens is a huge Austin fan and even asked the WWE Hall of Famer to use his signature finisher.

1) Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes - WrestleMania 38

Give us Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins at #WrestleMania!

This is probably the most improbable of any of the matches mentioned because no one would have imagined this could happen a week ago. AEW announced on Tuesday that Cody Rhodes was leaving the company. Various reports have indicated that the American Nightmare is in talks to make a return to WWE.

If Rhodes is to return to WWE ahead of Mania, there is one top star who doesn't have a prominent contest set up for the Showcase of Immortals. Seth Rollins could walk out of Elimination Chamber 2022 as WWE Champion, or his Road To WrestleMania could still be a mystery.

Regardless of the title in tow, a showdown against Cody Rhodes makes a lot of sense. Cody should be presented as a returning, a conquering hero who started in WWE, left to elevate himself and came back as a fresh new babyface. Facing one of the company's top heels makes for an ideal first matchup back. Rollins has represented WWE through and through, while Cody represents the alternative.

The two stars have only met in tag team and multi-man contests, so this fresh matchup would intrigue the fanbase. Rhodes and Rollins also have a history with some of the biggest stables in professional wrestling history. Seth was the Architect of the Shield, while Cody had runs in the Bullet Club and The Elite.

WWE has to do whatever is possible to establish Cody as a brand new top star for the promotion. A showcase match against one of the most decorated superstars of the past decade in The Visionary is a wonderful reintroduction to the company. That's why Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes is the biggest dream match WWE could be planning for WrestleMania 38.

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