5 controversial moments from explosive Alberto Del Rio tell-all interview

Alberto Del Rio No Longer Facing Sexual Assault & Kidnapping Charges

#2. Alberto Del Rio insinuates that Paige would be fired from WWE if they knew the 'truth' about her


Alberto Del Rio didn't stop at revealing that Paige has allegedly broken a $1 million dollar confidentiality agreement, he would go on to add that now it's been broken he could tell the 'truth' about a lot of things.

In doing so he insinuated that Paige had told a lot of lies about a lot of the controversial moments the couple shared together, and that if he exposed them, Paige would almost certainly lose her job from WWE.

“You’re lucky,”said Alberto Del Rio. “You should be saying, 'Thank you, Alberto,' because the only reason why you still have a job is because I never exposed you. I never told the truth about what really happened. The real story, not the bulls*** story that you and I gave to the media and the companies to protect you from losing your job.

He goes on to imply that one of the things he's kept quiet for Paige is the fact that she was the one responsible for several domestic violence arrests, and that Alberto Del Rio was not involved as a perpetrator.

“Right now, I can say there was only one person being arrested for domestic violence three different times – San Antonio, Vegas, and Orlando – and it wasn’t me. I never got arrested for any domestic violence when we were together.”
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