5 facts you need to know about WWE Superstar The Gobbledy Gooker 

The Gobbledy Gooker is seen as one of WWE's biggest flops
The Gobbledy Gooker is seen as one of WWE's biggest flops

The Gobbledy Gooker hatched from an egg as part of Survivor Series 1990, after the egg was on display on WWE shows for a number of weeks. This then was thought to have led to a lengthy career for the man under the turkey suit, since Survivor Series takes place around Thanksgiving every year, but this wasn't the case.

Gooker is seen as one of WWE's biggest flops and has been the butt of jokes for the past thirty years. Since the character made a return to WWE at this year's Survivor Series and became the 24/7 Champion, here are five facts that every fan needs to know.

#5 The Undertaker was scared he would be "Eggman"

The Undertaker made his debut on the same night as The Gobbledy Gooker back at Survivor Series in 1990 and on a recent episode of Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions, The Deadman revealed that he was afraid that he would be Eggman when he made his WWE debut.

"I eventually get a meeting with Vince, and I was like ‘I’m going to walk in here, and I’m going to blow him away. I’ll get hired right on the spot.’ I go to Connecticut and I meet with Vince, and at the end of it he goes, ‘well, we really don’t have anything right now. Maybe after Wrestlemania, we might have an opening.’ And I was like ‘oh wow. I already quit the other place.’ I didn’t figure that part in [that WWE wouldn’t hire me.] I’m just hanging out, trying to get bookings where I can, and all of the sudden they start this promotion where they’ve got this giant egg on one of the stages. At that point I had short hair, and I had started growing my hair, so I started having this whole drama in my head like ‘oh man, I’m going to be Eggman’ or something like that. He’s going to want me to shave my head and my eyebrows; I was just in a panic. This [egg on the stage] had nothing to do with me.”

Luckily, the egg that later hatched as part of the show wasn't anything to do with The Undertaker and The Deadman went on to have a three-decade-long career with WWE, whilst Gooker was written off TV quite quickly.

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Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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