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5 former Superstars who could return to WWE this year

Gary Cassidy
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There had been rumours that both Mysterio and Del Rio were on their way back to WWE

Well, for the past month, rumours were rife that Rey Mysterio was on his way back to WWE after a one-off Royal Rumble appearance back in January saw the former WWE Champion receive a rapturous ovation.

A torn bicep sadly sidelined those ideas, but it still seemed more likely than not until last night when news broke that the veteran has in fact signed for Aro Lucha where he will not only be a performer, but also a co-owner of the start-up company from Tennessee which will have its own television show.

So, it looks like Rey Mysterio won't be returning to WWE within the next year, but who will? We look at five likely options...

Oh, and spoiler, there's no CM Punk on this list. There's also no Cody Rhodes or Austin Aries because I would think they will not return to WWE in the immediate future due to enjoying life on the indies so much.

One other big name is missing, too, and that's Bobby Lashley, amidst talk that he has actually signed with WWE - although that's yet to be confirmed by either party.

#5 Hurricane

Hurricane also returned at the Royal Rumble

What better way to start the list than with another Superstar who returned at the Royal Rumble this year to an absolutely thunderous ovation.

While the two-time Cruiserweight Champion only had a cameo appearance, it was an incredible one as he recalled his attempted Chokeslam on Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, this time targeting John Cena.

While it was only a cameo, Hurricane continues to wrestle across the globe and has teased a return to WWE in the future.

I’m booked solid. I’ve already got 43 dates in 2018 that I’ve agreed with various companies all over the world, so this is a pretty exciting time.

In fact, while looking back on his recent return, Helms even said he thinks he'll be back.

If that was my last time in a WWE ring, and I don’t think it will be,to have probably the loudest pop of my career, what a way to come full circle.

One thing is for sure, if the Royal Rumble was anything to go by, Hurricane would be welcomed back with open arms.

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