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5 former wrestlers who are broke

Wrestling has been profitable for the likes of Mr McMahon, The Rock, John Cena etc. but for some others it hasn't turned out so well

Jake Roberts and Razor Ramon have both fallen on hard times

We all know that the professional wrestling industry is one of the most demanding professions on the planet. For what it demands from the bodies of superstars it does pay back handsomely in the form of dollar bands.

The fame, the popularity and the bright lights of the WWE can often make individuals extremely rich but sadly, it usually doesn't leave them with a contingency plan for the future.

Once-in-a-lifetime contracts with Vince McMahon may satisfy short-term financial needs, but once they're over, they truly are over. We've seen some wrestlers use the WWE as a launching pad to reach new heights and more wealth, while others have gone the other way and ended up in a black hole of debt & poverty.

There are sad stories of many wrestlers we used to love and look up to, morphing into nothing but broken, empty shells of men with their finances in ruin.

Here are 5 former wrestlers that are now broke.

#5 Lex Luger

Lex Luger during a sit-down interview
Before wrestling, Luger performed in the Canadian Football League

Coming from a professional football background, Luger was both loathed and loved by the masses & his peers. Once renowned for his perfectly chiselled physique, the former Royal Rumble winner now epitomises the image of a broken man.

His awe-inspiring physique was so in demand at the time that Ted Turner offered him a lucrative contract to jump ship to WCW for several years, which he ended up doing. He was rewarded for his disloyalty when WWF bought out WCW in 2001 and was subsequently given his marching papers.

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He then went on to have an unsuccessful on-off career with TNA. Luger's life really went into a downward spiral when his wife Miss Elizabeth died. Luger was treated as a suspect for her death and the several subsequent legal battles ran him financially dry.

Luger was initially charged with 13 felonies for the death until it was ruled accidental and his name was cleared. However, the innocent ruling didn’t recuperate all the capital he’d spent on clearing his name.

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