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5 Former WWE Superstars fans want to see return

When talent leaves the WWE there are always questions surrounding their departure and whether or not they will return.

Could he make his way back to the WWE?

When talent leaves the WWE, there are always questions surrounding their departure. Was there backstage heat with them? Did they lose their smile? Were they simply tired of the schedule and wanted out of their contract? Was there longstanding tension and a huge blowout that led to them leaving?

The speculation ranges from the insane to the ridiculous, to empathetic and compassionate. This past year has seen the departures of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes from the WWE, among others, but that didn't mean that it was the end of their careers.

Over the years some popular wrestlers have departed the company for one reason or another. Whether it was on their accord, due to financial issues or because of longstanding injuries sustained, their time with the company eventually came to an end.

While it would be ideal to have them all stay, it isn't feasible, but many are often missed. Sometimes, their popularity or success in a different promotion leads to a clamour to have them return. This doesn't necessarily mean that they will return, but it won't stop fans from still wanting to see them once again in WWE.

Let’s check out who made our list of former WWE stars that fans wanted to see return!

#5 CM Punk

While he may never return, that doesn’t mean fans don’t still want to see him in the WWE

Punk called himself the best in the world because of his insatiable hunger to be better, his hotly contested matches and his incredible promos. Punk never rested on his laurels, and throughout his career, he managed to change the way wrestling was perceived while continuing to constantly reinvent himself.

Fans either loved him or loved to hate him, his charm and charisma came naturally, not with luck.

Punk's ability to reinvent himself also meant that he was not only able to get under the skin of beloved icons like The Rock and The Undertaker, but he could also open up about himself personally, and make himself vulnerable, such as during his feud with Chris Jericho. It's a skill very few have.

When Punk left the company the day after the Royal Rumble, it left a void in the main event scene that very few could fill.

Fans have missed Punk greatly since then, and will often chant his name during promos and matches. While it's unlikely that Punk will ever return, that doesn't mean that his fans wouldn't want him to do so.

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