5 greatest WWE Elimination Chamber combatants of all-time

Is Triple H the greatest Elimination Chamber combatant of all-time?

Since its inception in 2002, the Elimination Chamber match has featured its fair share of monumental moments and exhilarating action. Of the 19 instalments that have happened thus far, over 50 Superstars have stepped inside Satan's Prison, and a far fewer amount have emerged victorious.

Virtually every elite star to have wrestled for WWE in the past 15 years has competed in an Elimination Chamber match at one time or another. Of course, the more matches they're involved in, the more experience they'll have the next Chamber matchup they partake in.

The Elimination Chamber is one of WWE's most anticipated stipulations whenever it is brought back, and this year appears to be no different.

Regardless of who walks out on Sunday as the WWE champion, it remains to be seen whether any of the Superstars vying for the prestigious prize will measure up to these five icons who have mastered the match type.

#5 Edge

Edge attacked Kofi Kingston to enter 2009’s World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match

It should come as no surprise that Edge has fared well in Elimination Chamber matches over the last decade given his Ultimate Opportunist nickname. He was merely a rookie on the rise when he made his debut inside Satan's Prison at New Year's Revolution 2005, but he proved that he could hang with WWE's top-tier talent.

Four years later at No Way Out 2009, Edge walked into the Elimination Chamber as WWE champion but was immediately eliminated by Jeff Hardy.

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He still left the event with gold in his grasp, however, entering the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship later that night and lastly eliminating Rey Mysterio to capture the title.

Merely months ahead of his in-ring retirement, Edge took part in an another Elimination Chamber match where he was actually successful in retaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

He had one of the all-time best Chamber performances starting out at No. 1 and became only the third man in history to win multiple Chamber matchups.

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