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5 Last-minute predictions for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match: MITB cash-in, Top Superstar gets replaced from the match

Elimination Chamber 2021 could have some massive moments in store
Elimination Chamber 2021 could have some massive moments in store
Vatsal Rathod
Modified 21 Feb 2021
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The WWE Championship will be on the line at Elimination Chamber 2021 this Sunday as Drew McIntyre will defend his title against five former WWE Champions - AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, and Jeff Hardy. A lot of things could happen in what is sure to be an action-packed and thrilling bout between all the six Superstars from Monday Night RAW.

Here are the five last-minute predictions for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. Be sure to comment down and let us know your predictions.

#5 WWE Champion Drew McIntyre starts the match

Elimination Chamber is one of the most grueling match types in WWE history and there's no denying that the Superstars entering first are at a massive disadvantage than the ones entering after them. However, these stacked odds also bring out the best in some of them who end up delivering an iron-man performance.

Drew McIntyre has been a fighting Champion and he is entering the Elimination Chamber this Sunday to prove a point. And hence, he might just enter the match at the very beginning and possibly endure the most punishment inside the match.

#4 The final two in the Elimination Chamber match are Drew McIntyre and Sheamus


This past week on Monday Night RAW, Sheamus won the Gauntlet match and earned the right to enter the Elimination Chamber match last. Not just that, he also pinned the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, although after the latter had been wrestling for a long time.

We could be in for a deja vu of the same inside the Elimination Chamber this Sunday with Sheamus entering the match fresh and going after an exhausted Drew McIntyre. The two of them could be the final two Superstars remaining with there being some near falls for Sheamus before Drew McIntyre finally prevails and hits the Claymore kick to his 'once' best friend.

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Published 21 Feb 2021, 08:51 IST
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