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5 Love triangles that rocked the WWE

Pratyay Ghosh
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Matt Hardy got screwed both in real life and in storyline

Love triangle storylines have been around in pro wrestling for years. Some of the best pro wrestling love triangles have been portrayed in the WWE over the years including some of the biggest names in pro wrestling at the time. From the days of Hulk Hogan to John Cena turning his back on Zack Ryder, fans have always been into these sort of storyline – be it for perverse pleasure or the romance and the intrigue.

Romantic angles in WWE are almost always entertaining and often don’t end too well for one of the participants. In this article, I take a look at 5 love triangles in storyline that left a lasting impression on the WWE Universe, be it because of the bad blood between the participants in the angle or the violent revenge that came out of it.

5: Chris Jericho – Trish Stratus – Christian

Trish took our Jericho at Wrestlemania XX

This love triangle actually began with Jericho and Christian dating Trish and Lita respectively in 2003 which led to Jericho and Christian making a bet as to who could sleep with their woman first. When Trish caught wind of this she immediately dumped Jericho who had actually fallen in love with her since the bet.

Jericho moped around and complained incessantly after getting dumped which eventually led his tag partner Christian to get tired of his constant whiling and lovelorn comments. This led to Christian turning to Jericho which led to a match between the two Canadians at Wrestlemania XX.

The match ended with Trish helping Christian win the match and revealing that she and Christian had been an item all this while. They sealed their twisted relationship with a kiss on the ramp after the match as a battered and bruised Jericho looked on from the ring.

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