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5 WWE matches where the babyfaces were booed out of the building

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These heroes were inexplicably booed by fans
These heroes were inexplicably booed by fans

The core mantra of professional wrestling is pretty straightforward, so to speak.

Heroes are meant to be cheered, and villains booed. However, given the advent of modern-day mass communication tools -- the internet, television, social media and the like bringing the world closer than ever, nothing is a secret anymore.

The air of mystery surrounding the pro-wrestling characters is no more, which in turn results in WWE babyfaces (heroes) getting jeered, while the promotion's villains such as Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman and co. receive largely positive reactions.

Today SK goes back in time to recall the rare instances when the babyfaces were utterly jeered and booed out of the premises:

#5 Edge vs Batista vs Chris Jericho

Edge often recalls SummerSlam 2004 as a weird experience for him
Edge often recalls SummerSlam 2004 as a weird experience for him

Perhaps one of the craziest turn of events transpired at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when hometown hero and Rated-R babyface Superstar Edge was booed out of the premises after he successfully defended his WWE Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam back in 2004.

Granted that the match featured another Canadian legend ergo Chris Jericho, however, Edge was the hero at the time, and valiantly fought his way to victory in a gruelling Triple-Threat match. Regardless, the fans in attendance weren't too interested in his babyface demeanour, and although they did support him during the entrances, their tune changed 180 degrees during and after the match.

One has to note that Edge did make a reference to the Canadian fans' aforementioned betrayal after the Rated-R Superstar turned heel eventually. Nevertheless, Edge has always asserted his SummerSlam 2004 experience to be one of his strangest till date.

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