5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon

Triple H and Vince McMahon
Triple H and Vince McMahon

Triple H came into the WWE in the mid-90s, and was given the gimmick of a sophisticated French-Canadian aristocrat. Soon, he made friends with Shawn Michaels and became a part of the infamous backstage faction named The Kliq.

More than two decades later, Triple H is the COO of WWE, and is all set to take over the company in the near future. It's clear as day that the new generation of fans don't see eye to eye with a bunch of decisions that Vince McMahon makes when it comes to his company. His decisions have turned the WWE into a global phenomenon, but have also ended up irking longtime fans. Although Vince McMahon is widely regarded as being the smartest businessman in the history of professional wrestling, the WWE Universe hasn't welcomed every decision that he has made in the past.

The fans are waiting with bated breath for The Game to take over, and rectify the mistakes that Vince McMahon has made. Here are 5 of those mistakes that will be corrected when Triple H takes over the WWE.

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#5 Control over the commentators

Michael Cole
Michael Cole

It's a known fact that Michael Cole, and a bunch of other commentators, are connected to Vince McMahon throughout the entirety of a show, with the boss ordering them to make certain statements, plug stuff, or put over/bury a talent in real time.


This incredibly frustrating tactic leads to a decline in the quality of live commentary. A commentator needs to be set free and given free reign over the commentary table when it comes to calling a match. This ridiculous controlling tactic is bound to be eliminated once Triple H takes over.

To give you a glimpse on how commentary plays a major role, let us take you back to January 1999. WWE and WCW were involved in the high stakes 'Monday Night wars' during the Attitude era.

WWE Raw was a pre taped show airing on monday against its live on air WCW counterpart. The WCW executive producer Eric Bischoff wanted his commentator colleague Tony Schiavone to spoil Raw's results for the fans. So, the latter declared Mick Foley's WWE championship win against The Rock on air, in a bid to stop them from switching channels to the WWE.

The result of this move turned out to be a blunder for WCW as an estimated six hundred thousand households switched channels to watch Foley make history.

This move has been deemed by many as the first nail in WCW's coffin as RAW picked up the momentum and won the ratings war from that show onwards.

#4 Unnecessary word bans

Becky 2 Belts
Becky 2 Belts

Recently, Becky Lynch started calling herself Becky 2 Belts, and the moniker grew over the WWE Universe. What's surprising here is that The Man is being allowed to utter the word 'belts'. Moreover, it was reported that the word has been taken out of terms that Vince McMahon has banned.

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Although this was a refreshing change, it's still a travesty that terms like wrestling and wrestlers have been banned by Vince McMahon, and no Superstar is allowed to use them. Recent news stated that WWE had come up with a bunch of terms that were banned from being used during WrestleMania 36 press conference in Tampa Bay.

Triple H lives and breathes wrestling, and has embraced the term with open arms. There's a possibility of him unbanning a bunch of terms that the fans haven't heard on WWE TV since a long time once he takes the helm.

This would certainly be a throwback to Triple H's DX days where only the choiciest vocabularies were chosen for each segment the faction were involved in.

#3 Spoon feeding promos

Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss

Remember the "This is your life" segment involving Alexa Bliss and Bayley? Or when Roman Reigns shared a story featuring The Big Show?

This is a practice that has become a norm over the course of the past several years. Wrestlers are spoon-fed promos, which leads to even the best of segments getting ruined in the process. This travesty was in full display when Bayley and Sasha Banks were feuding with each other. Their backstage promos gave off the vibe of being rehearsed poorly.

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Instead of giving pre-written lines to wrestlers, they should be given the freedom to carve out their own promos. This was done with Bray Wyatt and he went on to deliver some of the best promos in recent history during his first runin WWE. Triple H, being a master on the mic himself, understands this fact more than anyone else, and will surely rectify this problem once he takes over.

Delivering effective promos is a very essential skill that every WWE superstar must possess. Roman Reigns, during his initial years excelled as a wrestler, but failed to catch the imagination of the audience owing to poor mic skills.

With Hunter in charge, let us hope for more pipe bombs and less spoon fed promos.

#2 Treatment of outside talent / control over wrestlers


Yes, there have been tons of outside talent who managed to grab the brass ring and become legit main event Superstars in WWE: Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens come to mind immediately.

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But what about the likes of EC3, Samoa Joe, and a bunch of others? It's no secret that WWE likes to push the homegrown talent and prioritizes them over outside talent. Samoa Joe was turned into a glorified jobber over the course of the past two years. Apparently, EC3's burial is the result of him badmouthing WWE in the past, when he wasn't with the company. Also, the way WWE treated former Superstar Luke Harper and tag team outfit The Revival is something that had garnered tons of negative publicity to the company.

When The Game takes over, he will strive for providing the best to the WWE Universe, and will always put the business over anything else. Recently, he convinced Vince to let Goldust go, and saved him from sharing Luke Harper's fate. This screams nothing but high hopes from the future.

#1 Treatment of NXT Superstars on the main roster


The biggest problem that has been plaguing the company for a long while is the treatment of NXT Superstars. There's a long list of NXT call-ups who could have become big on the main roster, but were completely ruined beyond repair.

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Superstars like Asuka, Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman, EC3, Ember Moon, and The Revival are just a few out of a long list of names, who have been ruined upon their arrival on the main roster.

It's clear that WWE doesn't have concrete plans for some of these Superstars while calling them up, which leads to a promising talent going to waste. NXT is something that's very close to Triple H's heart. He has poured his sweat and blood in order to make it the most popular brand among rabid WWE fans. Him taking over the WWE will result in NXT Superstars being treated better on the main brands, and he will make it a point to bring them up, only when they have been properly developed and groomed.

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