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5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:55 IST

Triple H and Vince McMahon
Triple H and Vince McMahon

Triple H came into the WWE in the mid-90s, and was given the gimmick of a sophisticated French-Canadian aristocrat. Soon, he made friends with Shawn Michaels and became a part of the infamous backstage faction named The Kliq.

More than two decades later, Triple H is the COO of WWE, and is all set to take over the company in the near future. It's clear as day that the new generation of fans don't see eye to eye with a bunch of decisions that Vince McMahon makes when it comes to his company. His decisions have turned the WWE into a global phenomenon, but have also ended up irking longtime fans. Although Vince McMahon is widely regarded as being the smartest businessman in the history of professional wrestling, the WWE Universe hasn't welcomed every decision that he has made in the past.

The fans are waiting with bated breath for The Game to take over, and rectify the mistakes that Vince McMahon has made. Here are 5 of those mistakes that will be corrected when Triple H takes over the WWE.

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#5 Control over the commentators

Michael Cole
Michael Cole

It's a known fact that Michael Cole, and a bunch of other commentators, are connected to Vince McMahon throughout the entirety of a show, with the boss ordering them to make certain statements, plug stuff, or put over/bury a talent in real time.

This incredibly frustrating tactic leads to a decline in the quality of live commentary. A commentator needs to be set free and given free reign over the commentary table when it comes to calling a match. This ridiculous controlling tactic is bound to be eliminated once Triple H takes over.

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Published 05 May 2019, 11:37 IST
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