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5 Mistakes WWE Made On Raw This Week (10 June 2019) 

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12 Jun 2019, 05:52 IST

Another week, more mistakes.
Another week, more mistakes.

After the Super ShowDown event concluded with The Undertaker and Goldberg almost ending each other's career, we headed to Monday Night Raw for another installment of the flagship show.

This episode of Raw was meant to get fans hyped up for WWE's newest pay-per-view - Stomping Grounds, as the company was hoping to convince fans that the matches that were building to that event are worth their time.

However, the real question everyone had on their minds was whether Raw would finally turn out to be a showcase of brilliant television or an unwelcome episode of last minute writing? Well, the answer to that question is that Raw was none of those things.

The show felt like an episode of WWE Main Event, where nothing really mattered, and there are no stakes in any of the matches. So, let us see where WWE went wrong and how they could have avoided it.

#1 A Less Than Stellar Opening

Rollins could use another foe.
Rollins could use another foe.

At this point, even a casual fan can predict how an episode of Raw is going to open. As we will see a Superstar come to down to the ring to cut a promo, but he/she will be interrupted by their rival, and then a match will be set up from this confrontation.

The question here is why does WWE keep on doing something that is driving their viewers away? No one wants to see Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn argue for ten minutes when a much more important segment could take up that time slot.

But WWE was intent on giving us that segment, as the confrontation between Rollins and his foes was all set up for the main event of the night. WWE should have provided us with something much more related to the events of Super ShowDown, as anything from Lesnar himself appearing to The Undertaker or Goldberg addressing their future in the company would be much more exciting than what we got.

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