5 moments that made Vince McMahon the most hated heel of all time

Vince McMahon - Legendary heel
Vince McMahon - Legendary heel

Around 4 decades ago, Vince McMahon bought the WWE from his father, with an aim towards turning it into something no one had ever imagined.

All these years later, WWE has now become a global phenomenon, boasts more than a billion followers on social media, and is one of the most recognized companies in the world.

Even more impressive is the fact that Vince McMahon still regularly produces and keeps tabs on his products, along with his children, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon, as well as his son-in-law, Triple H.

The journey towards making WWE the top wrestling promotion in the world wasn't an easy one, so much so that Vince had to insert himself into the weekly programming, becoming a regular competitor.

Vince McMahon began his in-ring stint as a hated villain when his legendary rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin kicked off during the Monday Night Wars. But this wasn't the only moment that turned him into one of the biggest heels in the business. Let's take a look at 5 moments that made the fans hate Vince McMahon with all their heart.

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#5 Vince calls Kofi Kingston a B+ player

Vince with The New Day
Vince with The New Day

Similar to Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement from five years ago, WWE Universe came up with KofiMania on the road to WrestleMania 35. The sole purpose of the movement was to force WWE into giving Kofi Kingston a chance at the WWE Title at The Show of Shows.


For weeks on end, Mr. McMahon did everything in his power to kill the movement by pitting Kofi against several opportunities. This led to the boss garnering instant heel heat and helping the storyline become possibly the most intriguing one heading into 'Mania. It also proved that after all these years, Vince still knows how to make the fans hate him to the core.

Kofi is one of WWE's most exciting talents with over a decade's experience under his belt. The fact that he has largely remained mid-card/upper mid-card despite his phenomenal in-ring abilities is clearly not a testement to his talent.

The WWE universe echoed Kofi's emotions as he went on to win the WWE Championship from Daniel Brayan at WrestleMania 35.

#4 The Montreal Sc***job

The Montreal Sc***job
The Montreal Sc***job

When The Montreal Sc***job was done and dusted with, a disgusted Bret "The Hitman" Hart left to kick off a new career in World Championship Wrestling. Minutes after the incident, Bret Hart had punched Vince McMahon in the locker room area.

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On the next night, Vince McMahon appeared in a sit-down interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. The interview was a way to get back at Bret Hart for his attack on Vince.

The conversation saw Vince McMahon burying Hart into oblivion and stating that the entire incident happened because Bret Hart wasn't being a professional. Vince uttered those legendary words that became synonymous with The Montreal Sc***job: "Bret sc****d Bret".

The two parties would go on to reconcile around a decade later when Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The on-screen rivalry came to an end at WrestleMania 26, when Bret Hart beat the hell out of Vince McMahon in front of 70,000 fans.

McMahon did what was best for the business and was not afraid to put himself in the line of fire to protect his brand. Bret Hart was due to leave the WWE to rival brand WCW and Vince did not want him to carry the championship gold along.

Despite Bret Hart being a professional, Vince wanted to cover all bases and infamously sc****d the Canadian.

#3 "It was me all along, Austin!"

Undertaker on the verge of marrying Stephanie
Undertaker on the verge of marrying Stephanie

During the peak of the Attitude Era, WWE was firing on all cylinders. The Austin vs McMahon storyline had gotten the fans invested like never before. One storyline saw The Undertaker kidnap Stephanie and demand control of WWE in exchange for her.

Vince had the papers ready, but the Undertaker was nowhere to be seen. He came down to the ring with The Ministry of Darkness on an episode of Raw and began talking about a higher power, more powerful than him.

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In a ridiculously dark and disturbing segment, The Undertaker prepared to marry Stephanie McMahon, but Austin came out to save the day.

Later, the higher power was revealed to be Mr. McMahon himself, to the horror of the fans. It cemented the fact that Vince was ready to go to any length to put Austin down. This was a pivotal moment that made the fans genuinely hate Vince McMahon.

The fact that the boss was ready to put even his family on the line in order to achieve his objectives is something that was beyond anybody's imagination back in the day.

Vince scored on the heel tracker once again, cementing his position as one of WWE's greatest villains ever.

#2 Vince's treatment of Jim Ross

Vince with Ross
Vince with Ross

One thing that was a constant with Jim Ross' legendary WWE career is the fact that he was repeatedly harassed by the character of Mr. McMahon. Some say that the reason for this treatment was that Jim Ross was associated with the old school wrestling mentality, which Vince hated with all his heart.

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Over the course of the past few decades, Jim Ross has joined Vince McMahon's infamous club, has been fired on multiple occasions, and has made fun of his Bell's palsy on live TV. In an event in 2013, Jim Ross failed to control an intoxicated Ric Flair, which led to WWE firing him.

The segment featuring Vince's abhorrent treatment of the legendary announcer, disgusted the fans to no end and helped McMahon garner an insane amount of heel heat.

J.R has a massive share in making the WWE what it is today. He called the action with all his heart and amplified each action sequence to great effect. He will always remain one of WWE's greatest color commentators.

#1 Vince attacks Stephanie

Vince and Stephanie
Vince and Stephanie

In 2003, Mr. McMahon began associating himself with Sable, who had recently made her return to WWE TV.

This led to several confrontations between then SmackDown GM, Stephanie, and Sable. Linda McMahon got involved in the controversy, and it all came down to a "father-daughter" match at No Mercy 2003.

The WWE Universe watched in utter repulsion as Vince McMahon beat the tar out of his daughter inside the squared circle. Vince emerged victorious in the end and left with Sable, while Linda tended to her unconscious daughter.

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The storyline was so controversial that Mr. McMahon instantly turned into the most hated man in professional wrestling. He went on to bury The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2003, with the help of The Deadman's brother, Kane. The backlash to the storyline made sure that we wouldn't be seeing something like this again in the future.

Vince's villainous alter ego 'Mr McMahon' has transcended eras and feuded with some of the top talents in the industry.

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