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5 Most Shocking WWE Returns

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Anything can happen in WWE!

WWE is a place where things are often pretty tame and generally reach status quo level and stay there for quite some time. Occasionally, though, something happens that either comes out of nowhere or is so shocking that even though it was all but confirmed to happen, you wouldn’t have believed it until you saw it.

That is the case for these five shocking moments in WWE history. Returns that nobody expected, returns that were rumoured but hard to believe, and even returns that were pretty much 100% confirmed but impossible to fathom. Some of these men were gone a very long time and some only a few short months, but all were shocking just the same.


#5 Brock Lesnar (RAW - April 2, 2012)

A moment 8 years in the making

It was the night after WrestleMania 28. John Cena had just lost to The Rock in the first of their two “Once in a Lifetime” matches. He was having a bad day, and the return of Paul Heyman’s number one Beast just made that day even worse. 

Brock Lesnar had been rumoured to return, and the speculation had essentially been confirmed to be true, but it wasn’t until his music hit at the end of the RAW after WrestleMania that people could really believe it.

Cena was shocked, the crowd went wild, and the return of Brock Lesnar after eight years had finally arrived. WWE went in an interesting direction by having Lesnar actually lose to Cena only four weeks later at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, but it was an amazing match, the likes of which nobody had seen before. 

Brock returned and not only shocked the world because we never thought he was ever coming back but also brought in a completely different style of wrestling, that made his performances feel as real as they could get.

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