5 Non-wrestlers who deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Longtime WWE official Tim White, who passed away in June, should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Longtime WWE official Tim White, who passed away in June, should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

WWE fans have an annual tradition of figuring out which of their favorite superstars will be heading to the Hall of Fame on WrestleMania weekend.

Could it be a highly decorated champion? Or simply a colorful character who was engaging to the fan base? Or what about some of the groundbreaking and revolutionary female competitors that have emerged in the promotion?

With a limitless roster of past greats, the company can fill its HOF with plenty of high-profile names.

But what about the non-wrestlers? People who have worked behind the scenes or during a show to help make the entire WWE experience what it has been for decades deserve their place of honor, too.

Here are five non-wrestling contributors who deserve their rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

#5 WWE referee Tim White was pivotal in the ring and behind the scenes

Bringing a smile to everyone throughout his extended WWE family, Tim White will be forever remembered and forever missed.

Tim White passed away just a couple of months ago, but his death is still being felt by many in the sports entertainment industry. Generally well regarded by the performers and his peers, White was one of WWE's top officials during his 24-year tenure with the promotion.

While he was released in 2009, he will always be considered one of the best in the business throughout the Attitude Era and beyond.

White is also known for being a trusted traveling partner and confidante of Andre the Giant. He assisted The Eighth Wonder of the World in airports and hotel bookings. He kept the Big Man's cup full, as Andre had to have his 'co-pilot' with him during long road trips.

White was involved in some comedy skits late in his WWE run and was always fondly remembered by friends and fans. He was 68 at the time of his passing and deserves a posthumous place in the Hall of Fame.

#4 Bruce Prichard has made massive contributions to WWE in three separate stints with the promotion

Even in the two separate times that he has departed WWE in the past, Bruce Prichard has always stayed in the good graces of the promotion. He is - almost to a fault - one of the most loyal employees the company has ever had and has served in many different capacities.

He could go into the Hall of Fame as his onscreen alter ego, Brother Love, but it doesn't seem appropriate. Prichard should go in as himself - A man who showed that he would do anything for the betterment of the organization - whether in personnel, broadcasting, character, or creative consulting.

If anyone is truly due to be honored for all of eternity, it's the man who LOOOOOOVED us so much.

#3 Bill Apter and the magazines he represented helped shape the ideas of generations of wrestling fans

@Sportskeeda is over with me! And they should be over with you as well! They just brought in the GREATEST and MOST CREDIBLE Pro Wrestling journalists in the history of the biz Bill Apter @apter1wrestling into their family! Congratulations Uncle Bill!!! #BillApter #ProWrestling

While Bill Apter was never the Editor-in-Chief of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, he was always considered the face of the magazine and its sister publications. So much so that they are often simply referred to as 'Apter mags.'

Apter has been working tirelessly since the 70's to not only tell the story of professional wrestling but to promote its stars. Many of his ringside photos are iconic images of grappling greats from the past, present, and future. The words and pictures romanticized wrestling as a fairy tale of good vs. evil.

When it was time to evolve in the late '90s, 'Wonderful Willie' changed with the times. He signed on with the revolutionary WOW (World of Wrestling) magazine, breaking kayfabe and writing more in a shoot style. Later, he reinvented himself and moved to digital media, writing for Sportskeeda and other outlets.

Apter is a pro wrestling historian, reporter, columnist, and photographer. But most of all, he is wrestling's most treasured storyteller.

As far as his own story goes, it should get an exclamation point - with a spot in the Hall of Fame.

#2 Kevin Dunn changed the way professional wrestling was shot and produced

Belief that #WWE’s camera cuts and zooming style won’t change even if Kevin Dunn leaves…

Love him or hate him, Kevin Dunn has as much of a hand in WWE's growth and success as anyone. The way he shot and produced the company's television changed how their shows were presented and upped the bar for every other company in the world.

Dunn's vision of marrying the big-time sports event with cuts and angles added to the drama became his calling card. He has outlasted nearly everyone in Vince McMahon's inner circle, having worked continuously for The Boss since 1984.

He's also a 'legacy child' of WWE. His father, Dennis, served as the Executive Producer of Intermedia Productions for Vince McMahon, Sr., in the 1970s.

While some have almost rejoiced at the idea that Dunn might be departing the company soon, it looks like he will stay on through this transitional period. The company will likely need his expertise and experience right now.

But when he finally calls it quits, this professor of production deserves his close-up shot as he delivers his Hall of Fame speech.

#1 Jim Johnston provided us with a soundtrack for slams and suplexes

Reports we've received indicate that Triple H has no interest in having Jim Johnston return to produce entrance music for the WWE.Apparently Triple H was one of the architects in Johnston's original removal from the company.Disappointing news indeed if true.

Anyone who has heard the opening gong of The Undertaker's theme song or the shattering of Stone Cold's glass knows that music is a big part of any sports entertainment production.

As the man behind two decades of WWE Music, Jim Johnston could be one of the greatest composers ever. The way that he created the notes of every tune to fit a performer's persona was a great idea. But how he executed that idea was pure genius.

At the heart of it all, Johnston was a humble yet talented musician who cobbled together some of the most iconic tracks ever emanating from our televisions. His musical masterpieces have helped paint the picture of so many WWE Hall of Famers over the years.

Now, he should join them all, with his rightful place beside them.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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