Bill Apter

Bill Apter is the most trusted name in Professional Wrestling journalism. For over 50 years Bill has interviewed, photographed, and reported on the business. His work at the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family of magazines -- as well as WOW (World of Wrestling), and the UK's Total Wrestling monthly periodical cemented his legacy in the pre-Internet days. Bill's many appearances on television all over the world made him known as "The most recognizable journalist in Pro Wrestling."
When the Internet exploded and wrestling sites were popping up everywhere Bill was hired by one of the earliest sites -- It was there he became the first editor to use audio and video interviews on this new way of communicating with wrestling fans.
"After 1wrestling closed due to the death of owner Bob Ryder I wanted to find a professional site to work where my journalistic juices could keep flowing,"Apter said. "It didn't take me long to find SPORTSKEEDA and I am thrilled to be here!"
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