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5 of the best Money In The Bank matches of all time

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There are few things in present day WWE that sate the hunger of the audience the way the Money In The Bank ladder match does. The WWE’s own inimitable version of the lottery pits the uppier half of the food chain against each other, with the most evolved predator coming away with the prize.

The near-certainty of a World Championship drives Superstars to cast off regard for their own safety and use each others’ bodies as weapons. The ones who have stood tall amongst the magnificent carnage at the end of it all have almost always gone on to claim the throne.

The Money In The Bank ladder match is hands down the most exciting battle royale in the WWE and not to mention one of the most ingenuous, turning a household tool into something malicious.

Now those who remember their WWE history will recall that this species’ first few appearances were at WrestleManias, dating back to 2005. It came into its own as a PPV in 2010. So in this assemblage, we’ll count down the five best MITB ladder matches in the history of the PPV

Money In The Bank 2014

The Revenant-like Dean Ambrose didn’t stand on ceremony and set himself on Seth Rollins, whose name will live in infamy as one of the WWE’s most reviled Judas’. Around the former brothers-in-arms, twisted in a cocoon of violence, the other four got straight down to business. 

Kofi Kingston, always in his element in such matches, kept the audience’s eyes glued to him as he leaped around the ring. The Ambrose-Rollins battle aside, returning veteran Rob Van Dam was probably the next best thing, showing that he only got better with the years.

The daredevil transported the crowd back to the days of ECW, flying off anything on which he could find a stable base and force feeding the other competitors his boots. Throwing caution to the wind, all the Superstars ceaselessly dove into the steel and not just by force.

After what seemed like a second withdrawal due to injury (Wade Barrett was pulled from the match earlier), Dean Ambrose charged back to the ring to foil Seth Rollins’ plans of clinching the contract. 

His bravery was in vain as he was put down by the montsrous Kane, who stood vigil while Rollins ascended and claimed the briefcase.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Rating: 8/10

The feud between Rollins and Ambrose was an engaging sub-plot in this match and the latter’s return gave the match just the right fillip. The well-paced action and dramatic finish, combined with the fact that it was crisp and not protracted made it even better than the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that followed.

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