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5 opponents Bray Wyatt must face after WrestleMania 33

The Eater of Worlds needs sufficient competition after the show of shows, here's who he should face!

AJ Styles in the ring on Monday Night Raw
Bray needs worthy dance partners to raise the bar on Tuesday nights

Assuming Bray Wyatt is still the WWE Champion after Wrestlemania 33, it's imperative that SmackDown keeps the Eater of World's momentum going. There is no time for the blue brand to show signs of a Wrestlemania hangover, they have to keep up the pressure on their Monday night rivals.

There's no doubt that SmackDown has the talent available to produce compelling storylines, it's just about how the WWE match up the wrestlers and package the show that counts. The Era of Wyatt needs to be as memorable as possible, for that to happen Bray needs worthy dance partners to raise the bar on Tuesday nights.

Here are five opponents Bray Wyatt should face after Wrestlemania 33.

#5 Luke Harper

Luke Harper in the ring on Monday Night Raw
Luke Harper has had 38 WWE PPV matches in his career

Surely this rivalry writes itself?

Former Wyatt family brethren, now arch enemies with a goal of being the best. Luke Harper over the past few weeks has become one of the main selling points of SmackDown Live. The scruffy looking 6-footer is fast becoming a top guy on the blue brand and it's only a matter of time before Harper comes for the gold.

Bray Wyatt vs. Luke Harper is a match that has been almost five years in the making. Harper taking on his master in a street fight allows both of them to express their craziness and take out their frustrations of the past five years. How epic would that be?

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