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5 Possibilities for Lio Rush after losing the Cruiserweight Championship 

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Modified 12 Dec 2019, 21:49 IST

Lio Rush & Triple H
Lio Rush & Triple H

During last night's edition of NXT, Lio Rush and Angel Garza did battle once again for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. In a grueling match, Garza's resiliency proved to be too much for 'The Man of the Hour.' After a losing effort to retain the gold, Rush went to Twitter to apologize to his friends, family, and supporters. Rush promised that he would one day be champion again.

After the match, Angel Garza successfully proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the ring. In a matter of 3 seconds he went from hungry contender to your new Cruiserweight Champion. Garza seems to be on top of the world, plain and simple. But where does that leave our former champion?

With WWE's wide variety of brands, there's definitely some thought to be put into what Lio Rush can do next. It will be interesting to see the flexibility of WWE's thinking as to what will happen in the weeks and months to come. Here are 5 possibilities for Lio Rush after losing the Cruiserweight Championship.

5) Regain the Cruiserweight Championship

Lio Rush as Cruiserweight Champion
Lio Rush as Cruiserweight Champion

Let's get the most obvious possibility out of the way first. Lio Rush could call for a rematch and win the Cruiserweight Championship back in another hard fought battle. He gets the strap, the fans get jaw-dropping entertainment, and everybody wins. It will also add another Cruiserweight Title win to his record.

In the wrestling world, it is often said that if you win a title "x" amount of times, it also means that you lost it "y" amount of times. As Ric Flair and John Cena can attest, "16-time World Champion" just has a certain ring to it that can't be duplicated. This loss could be nothing more than a stepping stone for Lio Rush. If he can manage to win that belt a certain number of times, his name will become synonymous with the Cruiserweight Championship. Then it will be yet another trophy to add to his future legacy.

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Published 12 Dec 2019, 21:49 IST
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