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5 Probable Wrestlemania 33 Main Events

Here are 5 explosive matches that could close the biggest show of the year in 2017.

This is one Wrestlemania match fans have wanted since forever

Wrestlemania is not just the biggest show WWE puts on every year, it has become the ultimate proving ground for wrestlers from across the world. Every sports entertainer wants a Wrestlemania moment when they're surrounded by packed crowds that have travelled from across the world to see them put on a show.

This year, Wrestlemania 33 will take place in Orlando, Florida. While ratings have hit record low numbers, WWE would want to rectify the mistake it made at Wrestlemania 32, when Roman Reigns defeated Triple H only to be serenaded by a chorus of jeers from the packed crowd in the main event.

With The Royal Rumble approaching, here are the five most likely main events that can headline this extravaganza. Read on, guys!

#5 Undertaker vs. John Cena

Will we finally see this match this year in Orlando?

Undertaker vs. Sting is a missed opportunity that could have drawn big bucks. Unfortunately, WWE brought in Sting only to job for Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. Here’s the next best thing. The only dream match that hasn’t happened at this magnitude. Undertaker vs. John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania 33.

As of right now, John Cena is all set to take on AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Because Cena’s already put Styles over twice, it is very likely that he will win the Championship this time. Simultaneously, The Undertaker announced himself as a contender in the Royal Rumble.

At his home state of Texas, it is quite likely that he will win the event. This sets up a match for the ages; Undertaker vs. John Cena to close Wrestlemania 33. A lot of casual fans who do not follow WWE on a weekly basis tune in for Wrestlemania. If there are two wrestlers they know, it’s these two legends.

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