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5 Raw Superstars Who Can Challenge Ziggler For the IC Championship

Riju Dasgupta
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I made it to the world, but who else will?

Dolph Ziggler made news on Smackdown Live this week when he laid out an open challenge to the entire Raw roster, for the Intercontinental Championship that he now holds, at Survivor Series in 3 weeks.

Not only is this a great development in the Miz-Ziggler rivalry; it also enhances the whole brand war storyline that WWE is trying to build at the moment. We are curious to see who will step up to the plate from the red brand, and take Dolph on, in our first inter-brand championship battle since the roster split. But let’s lay some ground rules here before we make our picks.

WWE is almost certainly not going to repeat anyone who’s part of their Survivor Series teams in either the Tag Team or Singles divisions, so let’s rule them out for now. While Seth Rollins hasn’t been picked as the 5th member of The Survivor Series singles team, he’s most likely to be chosen, so let’s rule him out.

Same with Big Cass, who’s likely to team up with Enzo in the Tag Squad. These are the top 5 contenders who could challenge Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series, for the IC title:

Notable mention: Cesaro/Sheamus

An ideal opportunity that will probably be squandered

This was exactly the kind of break that both Cesaro and Sheamus needed. However, considering how weak the Tag Team Division on Raw is, outside of The New Day, Enzo & Cass and The Club; we predict that this twosome will be part of the Survivor Series tag team lineup. Alas! But still, let’s move on with our picks. Read on.

#5 Bo Dallas

Many have noticed that he’s received a push, recently

What’s the best way to make someone look dominant? Book them in a match with the master of selling- Dolph Ziggler. Considering how much of a push, Bo Dallas has received since his goofball, motivational speaker gimmick was shelved for good, we are certain that WWE has plans for him.

While he’s the most unlikely of the names that we’ve chosen in this list, he’s working heel right now and this is a perfect opportunity for him to ascend the card. If Dallas is booked in a singles contest with Ziggler, the former NXT Champion would also get the opportunity that he’s been lacking so far. Does WWE Bo-Lieve in Bo? We’ll know in just 3 weeks.

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