5 Real-life fights between WWE Superstars outside the ring

Ali Akber

#4 Buff Bagwell and Hurricane Helms (Shane Helms)

Buff Bagwell did not fit well in the WWE locker room.
Buff Bagwell did not fit well in the WWE locker room.

When WCW was slowing approaching its end, Buff Bagwell was among the promotion's biggest stars. Because of this, he had an inflated ego. After WWE took over WCW, all stars had to follow WWE’s set of rules, some that were much more strict as compared to those set by WCW.

Hurricane Helms recalls that he was supposed to feud with Chavo Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship before dropping the title to Billy Kidman.

However, Booker T’s match with Bagwell was so poorly done that Helms’ rivalry with Kidman was cut short. This led to a fight between Bagwell and Helms backstage

Bagwell punched Helms in the ear from behind leading to Helms reacting by throwing a bottle at him which ended up cracking Bagwell’s head open. Bagwell received 20 stitches as a result of the encounter while Helms earned the respect of the WWE side of the locker room as a result of standing up for himself despite being the smaller man in the fight.

Hurricane Helms reflects on his altercation with Buff Bagwell in WWE

Helms opened up regarding the incident during Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast and revealed the following:

"He said something and I burned him really bad and he got like all offended by it - and he came and hit me in the damn ear. He's like standing on the floor and he outweighs me by 50 pounds anyway. Everybody in there knows I banged my shoulder up, so then he comes and hits me from behind and I kind of just threw [a water bottle] at him like this and then I jumped out of the ring. And this was just kind of to distract him because now I'm going to go punch him in the face, but he f--king cracked his head open, and he was bleeding all over the place, and I'm like, 'oh, f--k'. I really didn't intend for it to do that and I didn't think it would. I don't know. I guess the water in it made it harder."

This is one of the most well-known backstage fights which led to WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin patting Helms on his back.

Edited by Ali Siddiqui
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