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5 reasons why people hate Roman Reigns and boo him

Will Roman reign while he is being booed?

Top 5 / Top 10 08 Apr 2016, 15:36 IST

#4 The limited move-set and lack of mic skills

If there is one fault that Reigns’ critics bring forward is that his move-set is limited. It is so limited that it stands out glaringly among his competitors. Though he is a powerhouse, to be the face of the WWE he has to have a huge variety of move-sets in his arsenal. I am not talking about Cesaro-like variety, but he must have more than just the Samoan drop, Superman Punch and Spear.

Roman Reigns’ mic skills are well below par. To be the face of WWE you have cut huge promos, draw people in with your mic work and most of all be interesting. His best mic work to date has been when he was feuding with the Wyatts and his character came to the fore after these promos.

WWE seems to be going in the right direction lately but WWE has to maintain a little consistency in how they book him. They have to give him some time till he hones his mic skills before putting him on the spot.

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