5 Reasons why Roman Reigns is seemingly a Paul Heyman guy heading into WWE Payback

Perhaps the biggest cliffhanger in quite a while on SmackDown
Perhaps the biggest cliffhanger in quite a while on SmackDown
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 29 Aug 2020
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As the Sportskeeda staff gathered their laptops to review what was seemingly a very ordinary episode of WWE SmackDown heading into WWE Payback, the unthinkable happened during the final few moments of the current broadcast featuring Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns, two of WWE's top performers. Paul Heyman, a man who has been a name associated with Brock Lesnar until recently showed up from out of nowhere to align with Roman Reigns, a man who made a triumphant return to WWE at SummerSlam 2020, leaving us with more questions than answers for WWE Payback.

Here is Sportskeeda's own Greg Bush stating the obvious, as he is known to do on most occasions.

Once again, this is not an article that pretends to have inside knowledge on what is happening behind closed doors in WWE but instead, is an assessment of the situation based on the current situation in WWE. And as a result, you too are welcome to voice your thoughts and opinions about the current development in the comments section.

Do you think that Roman Reigns is the new Paul Heyman guy as we head towards WWE Payback, and where does this leave Brock Lesnar?

#5 Major cliffhanger heading into WWE Payback this weekend

How excited would you have been had 'The Empire Strikes Back' released only a week after 'A New Hope' or if the second Godfather movie had come out only a week after the first, members of the WWE Universe? People need time to digest new developments, and therefore, the fact that WWE Payback is airing only a week after SummerSlam is a big reason why a lot of people may not necessarily be interested in the event per se.

But this cliffhanger is enough to hook a lot of people in, and make them watch WWE Payback.

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Published 29 Aug 2020
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