5 Reasons why Tama Tonga replaced Jey Uso's position in The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

The Bloodline is a powerful faction on SmackDown. [Photo: WWE.com]
The Bloodline is a powerful faction on SmackDown. [Photo: WWE.com]

The Bloodline kicked off this week's edition of WWE SmackDown and made a series of announcements. Paul Heyman made it clear that Solo Sikoa is "The Head of the Table" until Roman Reigns returns.

The Wiseman also stated that Tama Tonga will be known as "The Right Hand Man" in The Bloodline, a moniker previously held by Jey Uso in the group. Wrestling fans chanted, "We want Roman!" during the segment, and Paul Heyman was visibly emotional.

Listed below are five reasons why Tama Tonga was given Jey Uso's position in The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown.

#5. Tama Tonga has been impressive since joining WWE


Tama Tonga had an impressive run in this year's King of the Ring tournament. He defeated Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits and LA Knight before being eliminated by Randy Orton.

Last week on SmackDown, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa defeated The Street Profits in a tag team match as well. Solo Sikoa could view Tama Tonga as the strongest member of The Bloodline other than himself, and that is why he named him his Right Hand Man.

#4. Solo Sikoa has a different vision for The Bloodline

WWE Backlash with Bad Bunny
WWE Backlash with Bad Bunny

Solo Sikoa has named himself the leader of The Bloodline during Roman Reigns' hiatus and has run the group in a completely different manner. Sikoa's version of the faction is far more aggressive and even Paul Heyman sometimes appears to be concerned for his safety.

Sikoa may want to establish The Bloodline as a group to be feared by every member of the SmackDown locker room while Reigns is away. Tama Tonga slammed his vehicle into Kevin Owens' car earlier this year and seemingly will do whatever is asked of him as long as it benefits The Bloodline.

#3. The Bloodline could be taunting Jey Uso on SmackDown

WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40

Jey Uso exited The Bloodline following WWE SummerSlam last year. He battled Roman Reigns in a Tribal Combat match, but Jimmy Uso betrayed his brother to help The Tribal Chief emerge victorious.

Main Event Jey has become very popular without The Bloodline on WWE RAW. Solo Sikoa could have named Tama Tonga his Right Hand Man as a way to lure Jey Uso back to SmackDown in the weeks ahead.

#2. Solo Sikoa could be forming alliances on WWE SmackDown

The Bloodline has undergone many changes during Roman Reigns' time away from the company. Solo Sikoa has seemingly instigated most of them, including kicking Jimmy Uso out of the group following his loss to Jey Uso at WrestleMania.

Sikoa could be trying to find out who he can rely on, and that is why he gave Tama Tonga a new nickname. Tama will likely remain loyal to the 31-year-old after he has given him an official title in the faction.

#1. WWE could be planning a major storyline with Roman Reigns, The Usos, and The Bloodline


WWE could be slowly planning an elaborate storyline involving The Bloodline, Roman Reigns, and The Usos in the months ahead. Solo Sikoa could be lying about being in communication with The Tribal Chief, leading to a major storyline when Reigns returns.

Roman Reigns could attempt to reunite The Usos and get them on his side once again. Reigns and The Usos may not be in agreement with the new version of the group's actions and could decide to put their issues aside to take them down. This may potentially lead to a blockbuster six-man tag team match between Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa versus Roman Reigns and The Usos down the line.

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