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5 Reasons why AJ Styles became United States Champion again at WWE Extreme Rules 2019

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At WWE Extreme Rules 2019, Ricochet's United States Championship reign proved to be short-lived, as AJ Styles went 2-1 in their series and picked up his third United States Championship. It was the first time he won the title in two years and he joined the list of superstars such as Kofi Kingston, Booker T, Rusev and Kevin Owens as 3-time United States Champions.

As mentioned, he went 2-1 with Ricochet. He defeated him clean on RAW in a non-title match but then lost the title match he earned the following week, after which he turned on Ricochet and turned heel in the process.

This was always going to be a pivotal match for not only Styles, but particularly Ricochet. Obviously, the reaction to Styles becoming champion isn't exactly negative. No matter how much of a heel he is, a championship always looks good around his waist and this is no exception to that.

Here are a few reasons why AJ Styles became United States Champion at WWE Extreme Rules 2019.

#5. The United States title keeps changing hands anyway

Ricochet proudly hoists the title
Ricochet proudly hoists the title

Despite the fact that the title is actually in very good hands and has been for a bit, the United States Championship really isn't taken all that seriously. It's only now that the title is being contested in a heated feud, but prior to that, the title would freely change hands and it's been that way for a few years now.

Rarely will you ever see a lengthy United States title reign. Even this year alone, all the title reigns have been comparatively short-lived, with Samoa Joe having the longest reign between March and May.

Given that the title constantly changes hands, WWE probably feels that it doesn't really matter how many times the United States Championship changes hands.

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