5 Reasons why AJ Styles will turn heel on WWE RAW after Stomping Grounds

Very Important Turn of Events
Very Important Turn of Events

In case you missed WWE Stomping Grounds, Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe and became the WWE United States Champion. Most people in the WWE Universe considered the match to be one of the best bouts of the night and it looks like Ricochet is all set for a big push. But before that gets underway, Ricochet is going to take on AJ Styles on the RAW after WWE Stomping Grounds.

It's been a while since AJ Styles lost the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan and hasn't been in a worthwhile feud since then. His last big match against Seth Rollins at WWE Money in the Bank was well received by the WWE Universe but perhaps, it's time for The Phenomenal One to switch gears and let his dark side out.

Recently, Styles reunited with The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) and fan speculation ran amock. Though, it's possible that they have reassembled just for the upcoming WWE Japan show. All 3 men were part of the NJPW stable, The Bullet Club, and are well known to Japanese fans. They have wrestled as The Club in the WWE before, but it was short rather than drawn out.

But their run-in with Ricochet during his photoshoot seemed to, at the very least, confirm that there is some sort of long-term plan in place for the trio. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why AJ Styles will turn heel on WWE Raw.

#5 Creating a long-lasting WWE heel faction

The Club is Here
The Club is Here

It's quite obvious that AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson were not given a proper go-around the last time. In terms of being a heel stable, they can certainly do something different creatively and pose a threat to everyone on the roster. It's honestly one of the missing ingredients that WWE Raw desperately needs right now.

Unlike other stables, they already have a history and most WWE fans know about their NJPW origins. While Finn Balor could be part of The Club, it probably won't happen with him being on WWE Smackdown (for the most part). If booked correctly, The Club could be on the same level as nWo and DX, and have countless members to take on the mantle going forward.

#4 Keep Gallows and Anderson in WWE

Don't want to let go
Don't want to let go

For a long time now, Gallows and Anderson reportedly had not signed a new WWE contract. Much like others who have left WWE recently, they are obviously waiting till their WWE contracts expired. With them suddenly being reunited with AJ Styles, it could be logically speculated that they might have signed new contracts. But I offer another argument.

It could also be that WWE is trying to show what they could do with the tag team in the long term. WWE is also trying to prove that The Good Brothers (Gallows and Anderson) can have a great run if they're booked properly. It makes sense that WWE would pull out all the stops how they can be used creatively and making a case for them to re-sign with WWE.

If they have re-signed, It certainly would be 'too sweet.'

#3 Moving on from Baron Corbin

Not the right heel
Not the right heel

Baron Corbin is a capable heel and in time, could be the best in the company. The problem is, he's not the right heel that WWE or Seth Rollins needs right now. He comes across as a filler till The Beast cashes his Money in the Bank briefcase.

With the addition of AJ Styles to WWE Raw, he could prove to be a legitimate foil for Seth Rollins. It would amount to a takeover of RAW in AJ Styles' pursuit of the WWE Universal Championship. The Good Brothers could even feud for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. There are several ways that WWE could go about this.

While Baron Corbin will certainly surprise and earn the respect of the WWE Universe in the years to come, this role calls for a seasoned veteran to take the reins.

#4 Throwing Becky Lynch into the mix

When The Man comes around
When The Man comes around

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are the biggest power couple of WWE right now. It's certainly rare to see The WWE Universal Champion and The WWE Raw Women's Champion are actually in a real relationship. WWE decided to take advantage of that and include her in the storyline. Her save in last night's main event was integral to the match and Seth Rollins getting the win.

Assuming that AJ Styles and The Club become a resourceful stable and actually dominate WWE Raw, there could be a way for them to include a female WWE Superstar in their group. While it's been a while since we have seen that in WWE, it makes for interesting and creative booking. It would set up one of the better female WWE Superstars and make her a formidable foe in the long run.

#5 Giving AJ Styles one last Championship run

One Last Ride
One Last Ride

AJ Styles has made it very clear that he will end his wrestling career in WWE as it will be the last contract he will ever sign. And what better way to do so than having a final run with the WWE Universal Championship. AJ Styles has shown in the past with his feud with John Cena that he can be a very good heel.

While Brock Lesnar is still very much in the mix, it's highly doubtful that Vince McMahon would give The Beast another run with the Universal Championship, unless Brock has Kofi Kingston in his sights. But if anyone is going to make a great heel champion, it's The Face That Runs The Place.

A long program between Styles and Rollins would be great for WWE Raw. Throw in a stable and Becky Lynch into the mix, that would make for some must-see TV.

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