5 recent times WWE Superstars were attacked by fans

Several current and former WWE Superstars have been attacked by fans in the past
Several current and former WWE Superstars have been attacked by fans in the past

WWE Superstars regularly perform in open arenas in front of a live crowd on a regular basis which often leaves them open to interference.

Whilst interference from fellow WWE Superstars has become part of the script, there have been times when members of the WWE Universe have tried to get involved in the show.

A fan tackled Seth Rollins during Raw 😳(via @visionembracer)

Some fans still believe that wrestling is real and more often than not this can cause real issues when they have a hatred for a particular star.

From trying to join tag teams to rugby tackling their favorite wrestlers on the entrance ramp, here are some of the most recent times that fans have attacked WWE Superstars.

#5. Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas is attacked at a SWE Fury TV event

Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas was recently the victim of a fan attack at SWE Fury TV's "North Texas Fury Fest" event. The former champion was able to fight back and then gained some assistance from a fellow wrestler before the brawl was dispursed.

Haas then went on to cut a promo on his attacker, which has led to many fans questioning whether or not this was a real attack or a work. The video has since been uploaded online and can be seen above.

Haas was once considered to be one of WWE's best tag team wrestlers and was seen as one half of The World's Greatest Tag Team alongside Shelton Benjamin. Following his WWE release in 2010, the duo continued to work together on the Independent Circuit.

Haas recently made headlines after undergoing quite the physical transformation and is looking to step back into the ring. The former WWE Superstar has even challenged Chris Jericho to a match.

Around a year ago, Haas resurfaced and was looking worse for wear, but he has since been able to get his life back on track. Of course, this fan attack perhaps wasn't the way that Haas wanted to mark his return to the wrestling business.

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