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4 things you probably didn't know about the unfortunate death of Chris Benoit

  • The death of Chris Benoit sent shockwaves across the professional wrestling industry.
  • WWE was forced to change a lot of their policies after this unfortunate incident.
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Chris Benoit or his legacy still haven
Chris Benoit or his legacy still haven't been recognized by the WWE

On June 24th, 2007, the landscape of professional wrestling changed forever. Chris Benoit, who was one of the most beloved & respected wrestlers in the industry, was found dead in his home in Georgia. The discovery sent shockwaves throughout the world and dominated mainstream media outlets for months to follow.

Autopsy results showed that the 40-year-old veteran killed his wife on a Friday night, his son the following morning and then he committed suicide on Sunday. Reports suggest that Benoit's wife Nancy was found lying in a pool of blood wrapped in a towel while their son Daniel was found in his bed dead. 

The horrific details of this tragic event have mentally scarred wrestling fans worldwide, but there are still some less well-reported truths surrounding Benoit's death that I'll present to you today.

#4 Benoit had brain damage

Benoit and his family lived in Fayetteville, Georgia.
Benoit and his family lived in Fayetteville, Georgia.

According to medical examinations that took place after the tragedy, experts diagnosed Benoit with 'severe brain damage', stating that his brain resembled the nature of an '85-year old Alzheimer's patient'.

Brain damage, in many cases, can be the explanation for symptoms such as unnecessary aggression, depression, and erratic behavior. It is well known that concussions can lead to brain damage, and many former friends of Benoit stated he had a very laid-back attitude towards injuries in wrestling.

He saw it as an honor to wrestle each night, whether injured or not. Later it was confirmed that the damaged brain tissue in his body wasn't linked to any steroid use.

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Published 27 Sep 2016, 21:18 IST
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