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5 Secrets you didn't know about Chris Benoit and his death

In one of the most shocking and bizarre tragedies in human history, Benoit murdered himself and his family. Here's what you don't know.

Chris Benoit or his legacy still haven’t been recognized by the WWE

On June the 24th, 2007 the landscape of professional wrestling changed forever. Chris Benoit who was one of the most beloved & respected wrestlers in the industry, was found dead in his home in Georgia. The discovery sent shockwaves throughout the world and dominated mainstream media outlets for moths to follow.

Autopsy results showed that 40-year old veteran killed his wife on a Friday night, his son the following morning and then he himself committed suicide on the Sunday. Reports suggest that Benoit's wife Nancy, was found laying in a pool of blood wrapped in a towel while Daniel their son was found in his bed dead. 

The horrific details of this tragic event have mentally scarred wrestling fans worldwide, but there are still some less well-reported truths surrounding Benoit's death that I'll present to you today.

#5 He used wrestling to kill

Benoit was a 4-time Intercontinental Champion.

In a shocking revelation, police say they have great reason to believe Benoit killed his son Daniel using the 'crippler cross-face,' Benoit's signature submission move. Medical examinations showed bruising on Daniel's arms as well as face clearly indicating that a chokehold was used to put him to sleep. 

The murders were spaced out over three days, the Friday to the Sunday. To kill himself, he hanged himself with his own gym equipment. Nancy's sister claimed that computer experts retrieved Benoit's search history after he died and in the weeks leading up to the event, he was searching "the easiest way to break one's neck."

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