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5 sensational backstage incidents involving CM Punk in WWE you should know following his return

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CM Punk
CM Punk

The former multi-time WWE Champion CM Punk has made his much-awaited return to WWE programming when he debuted on the FS1 show -WWE Backstage - today.

While his role in WWE Backstage will likely be that of an analyst, and there is still no word on a possible in-ring return, many fans are happy merely at the sight of CM Punk returning to WWE in any form.

Even though Punk has had one of the most controversial careers in WWE history, he has managed to make fans that swear by him even now. Let us take a look at 5 of the most interesting backstage stories involving CM Punk:

#5 Showing 'attitude' to The Undertaker

The Phenom is not just a legend on-screen but is one of the most well-respected members of the locker room as well. While you may be thinking that it is so because of his experience and age, 'Taker has been a locker room leader ever since his younger days in the 90s.

Being the locker room 'leader', The Undertaker has always had a major say in the backstage ongoings and isn't one to mince his words either. One such event happened when The Phenom decided to confront Punk on the way he dressed while he was the World Heavyweight Champion.

The Undertaker did not approve of Punk dressing in casuals as the Champion and confronted Punk about the same. However, instead of accepting Taker's word, Punk retorted by saying that John Cena had also done something similar.

This was seen as disrespect and was not taken well by The Undertaker or the management. Bruce Prichard had revealed in his podcast 'Something to Wrestle With' that The Undertaker was not much of a CM Punk fan backstage.

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