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5 signs that prove Monday Night RAW is the new 'Land of Opportunity'

Divesh Merani
Published Oct 23, 2019
Oct 23, 2019 IST

A new dawn for the Red brand?
A new dawn for the Red brand?

For more than three years, SmackDown Live was known as the 'Land of Opportunity'. This moniker came after the beginning of the second brand split, which saw the Blue brand allow various Superstars on the periphery to prosper.

The likes of AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss, and even Heath Slater benefited from the star-making nature of SmackDown in 2016, while Jinder Mahal and Kofi Kingston sky-rocketed to the WWE Championship more recently.

But now, times are changing. Thanks to FOX, the B-show is now the A-show. This has left RAW with the stigma of being the "underdog". This is bizarre to think of, as it has been WWE's flagship program for over a quarter of a century. However, it is how it is.

The Red brand has a huge opportunity to create some megastars on the brand, with a lot of the roster on the cusp. Here are five signs that show why RAW is now the 'Land of Opportunity'.

#5 Becky Lynch needs challengers

Who will dance with the Man?
Who will dance with the Man?

Becky Lynch has been the RAW Women's Champion ever since WrestleMania, where she pinned Ronda Rousey in the show-closer. The Man is now one of the biggest megastars in the company and the biggest one on RAW.

She should be tasked with helping to bring other talents to her level. WWE did try to do it by pitting Becky against Lacey Evans, but the feud went on for too long. The women's division on the Red brand is not exactly stacked and beyond Becky and Charlotte Flair, there are quite a number of fresh faces. 

The Man defeated Charlotte just last week so hopefully, they aren't booked together for a while now. Superstars like Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan could do with an opportunity like this, with the former generating quite a buzz by teasing a new look while currently on a hiatus of sorts.

The current Women's Tag Team Champions, Asuka and Kairi Sane, would also be exciting opponents for Becky Lynch. Some new names are set to shine in The Man's widening spotlight.

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