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5 stupidest things ex-WWE employees did after leaving the company

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The WWE is the pinnacle of professional wrestling. Despite the immense popularity of independent promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, the WWE remains the ultimate goal for a majority of the young, up and coming talent out there in the big wide world of professional wrestling.

Unfortunately, getting to the WWE is only the first step in a long journey for these would be household names. There have been a number of WWE superstars and employees who never made it big after coming over to Vince McMahon’s house of wrestling. And, even if they did, they did not leave the promotion on top.

Some of them go on to better things and make something of themselves. Just look at the likes of AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Kenny Omega – all of whom never had a successful first stint in the company. They are now legends of the business. But, some of these people don’t use this as motivation and the fact that their time in the WWE didn’t work out affects them.

It fosters some deep resentment in these men and women, and they end up lashing out against their former employers to regain some of their lost success and enjoy a few more moments in the spotlight.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into our list of 5 stupidest things ex-WWE employees did after leaving the company:

#5 Ryback and his podcast

Ryback’s Podcast is peculiar

What is the purpose of Ryback’s Podcast – Conversations with The Big Guy? Is it to discuss the current landscape of professional wrestling? No. Is it to create a brand presence for The Big Guy? No. Then, what is it? Well, it’s for the former WWE employee to pass inane comments against the company on a regular basis.

Once he was let go from the WWE, he could have really tried to make a name for himself on the indie circuit. He had the name, and for the most part, he had the skills required. Instead, he has wrestled in no major indie promotion with any sort of regularity and instead, just rips on WWE management, the product, and everything else to do with the company, week in and week out.

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