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5 Superstars that won the WWE Title quickest

Which wrestlers took the least amount of time to get to the gold?

A.J. Styles became WWE Champion in just 231 days 

A.J. Styles recently became the 6th fastest WWE Champion in history, after he defeated Dean Ambrose with a low blow at WWE Backlash, this weekend. Styles has taken the WWE Universe by storm ever since he debuted at the Royal Rumble earlier this year.

Sure, there have been WWE Champions who’ve gone on to hold the TNA Championship, but it’s really rare to find a TNA Champion coming and making such a major mark in WWE.

Considering the traffic on our own site shortly after his win, we can only say that we think WWE made the right choice. As we get set for his phenomenal run, let’s look at 5 other champions in history who won the belt quicker than The Phenomenal One AJ Styles did. 

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