5 WWE Superstars Who Are Playboys in real Life

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J. Carpenter

The life of a professional wrestler can sometimes turn a person into someone they may not be otherwise. Being on the road for sometimes 300 plus days per year can result in someone getting involved in a lifestyle they might not otherwise consider. 

There have been many stories of current and past stars subjecting themselves to a compromising  type of situation, even though they often times have a wife or significant other of some sort at home, waiting for them.

The temptation can be very hard to resist,  but it seems that more and more rumors and allegations emerge, year after year. 

In this column, we will take a look at five superstars from today and yesterday, who just cannot say no to the ladies. These are the five real life playboys of professional wrestling. 


Just a rock a rock star life.

This one might come as a surprise to some, but believe it or not, Jericho has always belonged in the "playboy" category. Dating back to his WCW run, Jericho has always had his radar fixed on the ladies. 

As the front-man of the rock band Fozzy, Y2J has been living that Rockstar lifestyle more and more, as the popularity of his band increases.

Jericho has also been linked to relations with some of his former coworkers as well. Despite being married to his wife Jessica for quite some time, Chris allegedly had an on/off affair going with former WWE women’s wrestler Kelly Kelly.

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