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5 Surprises that could happen on this week's episode of SmackDown- WWE  Superstar turns heel, Big return with new manager

  • This week's episode of SmackDown could see some major twists
  • Will a current Champion go heel and stun the world with his despicable actions this week?
Riju Dasgupta
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Modified 20 Mar 2020, 09:49 IST

Roman Reigns and Goldberg will meet for a contract signing
Roman Reigns and Goldberg will meet for a contract signing

The world is crazy at the moment and everything has changed for the vast majority of the population except for the fact that Monday nights and Friday nights still feature our favorite performers in the ring. But even in that realm, empty arena shows haven't really done justice to the amazing performances that the men and women of WWE have been putting on, even if the rest of the world is under quarantine.

So, with that said, WWE needs to scale it up and amp it up with a few surprises. If you can't hook the audience in with the scale and magnitude of your show, hook them in with a compelling storyline or two.

Here are 5 surprises that could truly make SmackDown on FOX this week very interesting indeed.

#5 Goldberg turns heel, attacks Roman Reigns from behind

The Universal Champion Goldberg and Roman Reigns will be part of a contract-signing segment on this week's episode of SmackDown and one knows from the whole Undertaker-AJ Styles fracas that a contract signing segment isn't necessarily a peaceful affair, ever. What could certainly make the contract signing interesting is, however, if the two babyfaces shake hands and decide to go their separate ways but then Goldberg attacks Roman Reigns from behind. This would firmly establish him as a heel.

It is necessary for Goldberg to go heel for the storyline to be compelling because as it stands, most of the audience does not care who becomes the next Universal Champion either way. If Roman Reigns goes on to win the Championship, it does not necessarily mean that the audience will be on his side because he defeated Goldberg.

But if he was to defeat a heel Goldberg, the outcome may be quite different.

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Published 20 Mar 2020, 09:49 IST
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