5 things that could happen when Seth Rollins and Riddle come face-to-face on WWE RAW - Major stipulation added to Clash at the Castle match, legendary star returns

Riddle and Seth Rollins will be going face-to-face on WWE RAW
Riddle and Seth Rollins will be coming face-to-face on WWE RAW

Seth Rollins and Riddle are set to come face-to-face on WWE RAW. The two superstars have had a fierce rivalry over the past few months featuring a lot of brawling and brutal assaults. Their unfinished business has led to the two being set to collide at WWE Clash at the Castle.

The two top-level superstars were initially set to collide at WWE SummerSlam. On RAW prior to the major event, Seth Rollins shockingly assaulted The Original Bro with a curb stomp onto steel steps.

It was later revealed on The Bump that Riddle suffered a brachial plexus injury. When Riddle tried to get revenge despite his injury at SummerSlam, Rollins came out on top of their confrontation.

After several weeks away due to an injury, Riddle made a shocking return on WWE RAW just two weeks ago. His return has led to the two stars brawling over the past few weeks, which shows just how personal their rivalry has become.

What will happen when Riddle and Seth Rollins come face-to-face on WWE RAW? Will the two rivals be able to control themselves without resorting to violence? Will more fighting break out? Could a legendary star make a shocking appearance?

Below are five things that could happen when Seth Rollins and Riddle confront each other on WWE RAW.

#5. Riddle and Seth Rollins may fight on WWE RAW

Seth Rollins and Riddle
Seth Rollins and Riddle

When Riddle revealed that he had recovered from his injury, Seth Rollins had no idea that The Original Bro was in the arena. Riddle shocked fans and Rollins alike by racing from the back down to the ringside area, and the two began to fight.

The Visionary and The Original Bro didn't get the animosity out of their system two weeks ago. However, as the brawling continued on last week's edition of WWE RAW, it appears that Rollins and Riddle can't even set foot in the same arena without coming to blows.

There will likely be more brawls when Seth Rollins and Riddle come face-to-face on RAW. With their epic clash less than a week away, both stars are likely laser-focused on the other. Adam Pearce will need a lot of security to keep them apart.

#4. The two stars could trade verbal jabs back and forth

I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna fxn end you dude

Seth Rollins is an incredible in-ring superstar, but a key part of his persona is his mic skills. He can talk with the best of them. When he's on the microphone, he knows exactly how to irritate and upset both wrestling fans and his opponents.

He hasn't hidden the fact that he dislikes Riddle. With their feud becoming more and more personal as each week passes by, his words have become more scathing. He referenced Riddle's time in the UFC and his dependence on Randy Orton as a means to tear down The Original Bro.

When The Architect and Riddle come face-to-face on WWE RAW, they will likely exchange some harsh words back and forth. Riddle is typically laid back, even while on the microphone, but he's shown intensity not typically seen by the former champion.

Given how much animosity the two stars have, both will likely make some comments that will strike the other on a personal level.

#3. Seth Rollins may once again injure Riddle on WWE RAW

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

As noted, Seth Rollins showed malice and ill intent when he ruthlessly stomped Riddle's head onto the steel steps over a month ago on WWE RAW. As brutal as his attack on The Original Bro was, it was far from his first assault on a superstar.

The Visionary was involved in an incredible feud with Cody Rhodes earlier this year. The two stars had three epic matches, with the last being at Hell in a Cell. The American Nightmare went into the bout with an injured bicep but fought through the pain and won the match. The next night, Rollins teased showing respect for Rhodes only to further injure him.

When Riddle and Rollins confront each other on WWE RAW, there's a chance that the latter will attempt to injure The Original Bro once again. He's not only malicious, but also cerebral. If The Architect has a plan, he may end up hurting Riddle badly enough where their match is postponed again.

#2. They may add a stipulation to their match at WWE Clash at the Castle

As it currently stands, Riddle and Seth Rollins' impending bout at WWE Clash at the Castle is scheduled to be a traditional singles match. Despite the intense animosity between the two stars, no added stipulation has been included for their bout.

When the two stars come to blows on WWE RAW, one of them may reveal that their bout has changed. Riddle could shock Rollins by announcing their match at Clash at the Castle will be a Fight Pit. Even if there isn't a stipulation prior to the two meeting on the red brand, they may agree to a more intense match while having a heated discussion.

With this being their first proper clash at a major event, it could be argued that they shouldn't jump into a specialty match of some kind so quickly. While that point is logical, their feud is personal, and a traditional singles match may go off the rails when they collide.

#1. Randy Orton may return on WWE RAW

Riddle and Randy Orton
Riddle and Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Riddle as a tag team doesn't make sense. Their personalities are very different. Randy is a stoic and serious individual, while Riddle is laid-back and fun-loving. The two were seemingly going to clash, but instead, something beautiful happened, and the two stars became friends.

Beyond just becoming friends, the pair also found success as a tag team. The duo held the RAW Tag Team Championship and nearly defeated The Usos to unify the gold with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, Orton has been away for a few months now due to an injury.

Riddle has hinted at Randy having surgery, but his recovery has mostly been kept under wraps. A surprise appearance from The Viper could come at any point once he's physically able to compete. However, if he's ready to go, Orton may shockingly appear on WWE RAW. If he does, Seth Rollins will likely take an RKO in the middle of the ring. RK-Bro reuniting may be a nightmare for The Visionary.

Tempers are likely to flare up when Riddle and Seth Rollins come face-to-face on WWE RAW.

Will the two talented stars fight prior to their major match at Clash at the Castle? Will we see a shocking return? Tune into WWE RAW to find out.

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