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5 things that can happen on Monday Night Raw

Amit Shukla
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7.77K   //    11 Feb 2019, 18:02 IST

The Architect builds Raw
The Architect builds Raw

Raw has seen some good and bad days, and with the McMahon clan in charge, there are a lot of things that are going well within the company. From showcasing lower-card stars to good quality storylines, it is a good thing for the company as well as the business.

With so much happening as the Road to Wrestlemania is underway, there will be a lot of crackers on this week's episode because the Lasskicker is back on the red brand despite being suspended the last time. We would have to see the beating that she receives or the actions that are taken on her as part of her assault on WWE's Chief Brand Officer and COO.

We all know that the McMahon clan doesn't get into discussions or storylines unless they want to uplift a wrestler or make a storyline important.

With Seth Rollins returning and a host of matches happening on this week's go-home episode of Raw before Elimination Chamber, here are 5 things that we would want to see tonight:

#5 Becky Lynch is questioned for her actions

How does it feel, Steph?
How does it feel, Steph?

No one gets into hot water with the McMahon clan unless you want to make your storylines interesting, and it is a known fact that the McMahons can lift any career or wrestler if the performer has the skills.

With Becky Lynch being the hottest commodity in the WWE, and Ronda Rousey unable to take this storyline further for two months, the McMahon team will ensure that they keep things interesting until 'The Rowdy One' enters the storyline.

This way they will build Becky as the toughest performer, and also make things interesting enough to be the main event for the shows of shows.

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