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5 things WWE has hinted at doing in 2020

Published 02 Jan 2020, 02:00 IST
02 Jan 2020, 02:00 IST

What does the new year hold for The Man?
What does the new year hold for The Man?

What does WWE have planned for 2020?

That has to be the question The WWE Universe are asking themselves as we ring in the new year - and the possible scenarios are becoming very enticing. Interestingly enough, WWE seems to have given fans a sneak at what will happen in 2020 over the last couple weeks, which has a lot of people excited for the new year.

With that being said, and with WWE dropping several big hints about what will actually be taking place in 2020, here are five things WWE has hinted about doing in the new year. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

#5. Baron Corbin is being saved for something big

WWE could do something very big with King Corbin in 2020.
WWE could do something very big with King Corbin in 2020.

Baron Corbin arguably had the best year of his career in 2019 and while a lot of The WWE Universe probably don't want that to continue, it seems like it's going to anyway. Beyond that, it almost looks as if WWE is protecting him for something big down the line, which should be very interesting to watch play out.

Whether that big thing happens to be winning the Royal Rumble, a WrestleMania dream match, or even a title run remains to be seen, but WWE is going out of their way to save him for later. Keep in mind, they clearly aren't going to do that for someone they aren't high on and are definitely doing this for a good reason.

Why else would WWE not involve Baron Corbin in the final decision of last Friday's Triple threat match between him, Daniel Bryan and The Miz? Why would the company go through the trouble of giving Corbin two key wins over Roman Reigns of all people if they didn't have something big planned?

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