5 things WWE NXT got right this week: New champions crowned; main roster superstar arrives

This veteran and Cora Jade had an interesting exchange on WWE NXT
This veteran and Cora Jade had an interesting exchange on WWE NXT
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This week's WWE NXT hosted a gauntlet match to crown the brand's new tag team champions. MSK relinquished the titles earlier on, and five teams competed to become the next tag team champions for the first time.

Cameron Grimes also defended his North American Championship for the first time against Solo Sikoa. The two men put on a solid show that opened doors to a future rivalry.

Mandy Rose put her title on the line against Dakota Kai in a one-on-one contest. Meanwhile, WWE struggled to build good rivalries for Toxic Attraction's Women's Tag Team Champions.

Cora Jade cut a passionate promo before being interrupted by a WWE legend. Meanwhile, Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy had another segment to build their rivalry further.

It was a decent episode of the brand that helped build several feuds on Tuesday night. Take a look at the five things WWE NXT got right on this week's show.

#5. Cameron Grimes retained his North American Championship against Solo Sikoa

Cameron Grimes had his first WWE NXT North American Title defense against Solo Sikoa in the night's opening match.

Sikoa started well and hit a big headbutt. Grimes responded with a beautiful Frankensteiner to stun the powerhouse. The champion hit a German Suplex and went for the Cave-In, but Sikoa dodged it.

Sikoa hit the Samoan Drop and nearly got the win, but Grimes kicked out. The challenger climbed the ropes, but Trick Williams appeared to distract him. The distraction allowed Grimes to capitalize and hit Cave-In for the win.

It was an excellent match to kick off the show and begin Cameron Grimes' title reign. WWE also did well to protect Sikoa in the finish. It looks like Carmelo Hayes is not done with the NXT North American Championship. He will likely have a go at The Technical Savage for the title in the upcoming weeks.

#4. Joe Gacy continued to get under Bron Breakker's skin on WWE NXT

Joe Gacy had another message for Bron Breakker.
Joe Gacy had another message for Bron Breakker.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker took to the ring to cut a promo. He called out Joe Gacy for playing mind games with him last week and keeping his father hostage. Bron confirmed that his father was safe at home now, but Gacy would have to pay for his actions.

The young champion offered Gacy the chance to settle matters in the ring instead. Joe Gacy appeared on Titantron to reveal that Bron's father left his WWE Hall of Fame ring behind when he let him go last week.

The heel talked about families being tested by fire before dropping the ring in the fire lit in front of him. It was a somewhat awkward way to end the segment, mainly because WWE can replace the Hall of Famer's ring without any problem.

It wasn't the best segment to build up the NXT Championship scene. Plus, Harland was missing from the scene, and Gacy hasn't done enough work to come across as a legit threat to Bron Breakker.

However, NXT did the right thing by continuing the angle this week and building Breakker's next contender. The champion needs to remain in the spotlight after winning the title for the second time, and such segments will establish him as a top babyface.

#3. Mandy Rose defeated Dakota Kai to retain her NXT Women's Championship

Dakota Kai failed to win the title once again.
Dakota Kai failed to win the title once again.

Mandy Rose was confident ahead of her NXT Women's Championship defense against Dakota Kai. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were at ringside for the match and kept cheering their leader on.

Rose took control of the match early before Kai went for a couple of pin attempts to warm up the champion. The challenger hit a few dropkicks and cleared the heels outside the ring with an over-the-top-rope dive.

The former Golden Goddess got back in the game and locked in a headlock to punish Kai. The Captain of Team Kick responded with some signature moves to keep the action ticking. She hit a lung blower before Gigi and Jayne ran a distraction.

Kai knocked Jayne off the apron before Mandy Rose hit a big knee strike and pinned her. The duo managed to put on a solid performance to put the champion over.

Wendy Choo's arrival following the contest could signal her entry into the title picture. The Captain of Team Kick has been one of the best performers on the brand, and she could move to SmackDown soon.

#2. Cora Jade came face-to-face with her idol this week

Cora Jade walked out to the ring and cut a passionate promo. The young superstar said she was still aiming to win the NXT Women's Championship. She said that nothing would stop her from achieving her dream in WWE.

Natalya interrupted her and came out to massive applause from the NXT Universe. Jade freaked out after seeing her idol in the ring and reminded her of when she pointed at her in the crowd several years ago.

The Queen of Harts talked about how she believed Jade was the future of NXT before saying that the future was bleak. She slapped the youngster and locked her in a sharpshooter.

WWE has done extremely well over the past several months to bring the biggest superstars from the main roster to the brand. After AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler, Natalya is ready to give another rising star a good push.

Jade has proven herself in the ring but still has a long way to go before becoming a top champion. Once again, a feud opposite Natalya will help her get to the top of the roster.

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#1. Pretty Deadly won the gauntlet match to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions

Pretty Deadly won the titles in their first match.
Pretty Deadly won the titles in their first match.

The Creed Brothers and Legado del Fantasma kicked off the gauntlet match to crown the new WWE NXT Tag Team Champions in the main event. Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde took the brothers out early with a dive.

The Creed Brothers took control of the match from thereon, eliminating Legado del Fantasma with some thunderous moves. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen were out next and took the fight to the brothers.

They put Brutus Creed through the announce desk before isolating Julius inside the ring. The brothers once again got the upper hand, and Brutus hit Jensen with a clothesline for the win.

Sanga & Grayson Waller joined the party next, and the former did most of the work on behalf of his team. Waller hit some offense in the match but chose to stay on the sidelines for most of it.

The Creed Brothers showcased their strength by taking out Sanga and eliminating another top team from the contest. Pretty Deadly came out as the final participant in the Gauntlet Match.

Brutus and Julius were tired from their previous matches, and Elton Prince & Kit Wilson took advantage of the situation. The two NXT UK exports hit some big moves and ensured that The Creed Brothers could not control the match for long.

They dropped Julius on the apron before hitting Spilled Milk for the big win. It was great to see WWE try something different and give the newcomers a championship win in their debut match.

Those who have followed NXT UK know how good Pretty Deadly is in the ring. The win will give The Creed Brothers a reason to hunt down Prince & Wilson in the coming weeks. The two teams will likely have a very entertaining rivalry for some time.

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