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6 things WWE subtly told us on RAW: Clash of Champions results spoiled, unexpected Superstar to get pushed?

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What a show!
What a show!

Welcome to this week's edition of "5 things WWE subtly told us on RAW". WWE returned to Madison Square Garden for a live show for the first time in over ten years and it didn't disappoint at all!

From start to finish, WWE managed to do a solid job with the go-home show to Clash of Champions and hopefully, this means that we're going to have quite a solid PPV as well.

For the last 3 PPVs, the build was underwhelming but the PPVs itself ended up delivering in a big way. As for RAW, it did a great job in building towards WWE Clash of Champions 2019 and there is certainly a sense of positivity heading into the show.

This doesn't happen that often, so hopefully it doesn't mean a reverse effect from what's been happening the past few months. Now, one half of the King of the Ring tournament final is set and the ball will be on the blue brand SmackDown Live's court to follow up on an excellent show by Paul Heyman and the WWE creative team.

Here are a few things that WWE subtly told us on RAW!

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#6. The Viking Raiders might just be the foil toThe OC

It's been a bad few weeks for The OC
It's been a bad few weeks for The OC

The OC haven't had the best few weeks. They've mostly been on the receiving end of a beatdown, though they have dished out a lot of punishment in their own right. Similar to 2016 when Enzo & Cass were foils to The Club, this time around, it seems to be the up-and-coming Viking Raiders who will play foil to The OC.

Their rivalry began at the gauntlet match a couple of weeks ago and it seems as though we're going to get a series of matches between both teams soon.

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