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5 Times Brock Lesnar Was Worth Every Penny To WWE

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The return of The Beast
The return of The Beast

The reigning, defending and conquering Universal Champion is a divisive figure to the WWE Universe. There are sections of fans that resent him for his part-time status and sporadic appearances, while there is a contingent that is not a big fan of his current move-set that largely comprises of Suplexes.

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Regardless of that, there are a number of people who enjoy The Beasts' forays into the squared circle, because despite whatever perceived shortcomings he may have, Lesnar is a special attraction in the WWE and the company has done well to make each of his appearances mean something important.

The argument can also be made that Lesnar's sporadic appearances mean that the mid-card champions are given more room to shine and Superstars don't have to be fed to the Universal Champion to maintain his status at the top of the food chain.

Say what you may about Lesnar, but there is no denying that he has delivered on the biggest stages on multiple occasions, so let's check out the 5 times Brock Lesnar was worth every penny to the WWE.

#5 The night he returned to WWE

The Raw taking place after Wrestlemania is always a special show. A number of Superstars make returns to WWE programming, new alliances are formed and new feuds are birthed to drive WWE programming forward for the months to come. After WrestleMania 28, John Cena was standing in the middle of the ring, when Lesnar's music blared from the speakers.

On April 2, 2012, The Beast returned to WWE. He was immediately positioned as a massive threat to the entire roster, as the WWE played up his MMA exploits. The crowd had been chanting Lesnar's name all night long and he was finally here. He wasn't here to make friends as he immediately laid-out Cena with a brutal F5 and left the ring to a thunderous ovation. In that one segment, Lesnar had announced himself to the WWE Universe and the company had found its most precious commodity for years to come.

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