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5 Times heels out-popped babyfaces

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CM Punk as a heel

Sticking to its theatricality, the WWE stage has its own sets of villains and heroes, the bad guys and the good. In wrestling, they’re called heels and babyfaces respectively. Over the years, the anti-hero has made itself quite relevant giving us some of the most important characters in recent history.

But sometimes the villain is far more interesting than the babyface.

Sometimes they have a far better story, much depth than the hero the audience is supposed to cheer/pop for.

And as kayfabe has been broken bit by bit in the past years, writing a full-fledged heel and face has become a difficult task. We are getting more and more ambiguous characters.

Here are the 5 times heels who have out- popped the babyfaces-

#5 Triple H

Triple H’s notorierity gives him a edge even when he goes against established babyfaces

Taking a page out of this year’s events, Triple H returned at the Royal Rumble and it was quite clear he was still The Game, the authority figure, the heel. He was welcomed by the audience who still loathed Roman Reigns and his category as ‘The Chosen One.’

Reigns has been experiencing such divisive reactions because of everything we know about what management thinks about him and how they’re building him up to be the next face of the company.

So, when Reigns was eliminated by Triple H, the audience leapt, being ecstatic with joy. The heel had eliminated a babyface and that had become a celebratory moment.

Given this reaction and many in the past, Roman Reigns is now, as the company says, not a good guy or a bad guy. He’s just ‘The’ guy

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