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5 times old guys buried new guys at WrestleMania

Burying young talent is somewhat of a Mania tradition. I look at 5 times where old timers were booked to bury younger talent at WrestleMania

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Mar 2017, 04:20 IST
This match was one of the instances

It seems, like nearly every year, that fans online will complain about older guys from the past getting booked at WrestleMania to go over or to get the better of the younger guys on the main roster.

I outline the 5 most memorable instances where the new guys got “buried” at WrestleMania by their older counterparts.

#5 WrestleMania 32 – Austin, Michaels and Foley bury The League of Nations and The New Day

After The League of Nations had beaten The New Day, King Barrett took the mic and began referring to The League of Nations as the toughest guys in WWE history. This then led to the surprise arrival of Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The trio then beat down the League of Nations, hitting all their finishers in the process – because no burial would be complete without them. Austin, Michaels and Foley then celebrated with The New Day.

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However, Xavier Woods pushed his luck when he tried to convince Austin to dance to The New Day’s music.

Stone Cold busted out a couple of dance steps before swerving Woods and giving him a Stone Cold Stunner. He then grabbed some beers to share with his fellow two legends in the ring, while the New Day took care of the knocked out Woods.

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