5 times since 2010 WWE got a World Title match wrong

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Expectations were already low heading into HHH vs Reigns
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Modified 19 Jan 2017
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Perfecting the art of a WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship match is something that's tricky to do. There's usually so much anticipation and intrigue surrounding them, that booking them to the point where everyone is happy is more than likely impossible.

Still, some cases are easier than others, which makes the number of times that WWE got it wrong all the more surprising.

Look, we're not saying we can do it better or anything, but when you've been doing this for over four decades you'd imagine the art of booking wouldn't be lost on you. For example, since 2010 alone there have been multiple occasions where it looks like WWE have the perfect solution right in front of their eyes, only for them to squander it in favour of something alternative.

Alternative can be good sometimes, but not when it leaves your fan base scratching their heads in bewilderment. Obviously different people are entertainment by different things, but for the most part, the WWE Universe were not on board with these title defences or changes.

With that being said, let's go ahead and examine five times since 2010 that WWE got a World Title match wrong. See how many you can remember being frustrated by.

#1 Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett - Survivor Series 2010

Randy Orton Wade Barrett
The Cena factor ultimately derailed this feud’s momentum

Back in 2010, Wade Barrett was probably the hottest thing in professional wrestling. As the leader of The Nexus, Barrett was orchestrating one of the most fascinating and realistic storylines in years. The up and comers seemed all set to take full control of the WWE, with the crowning moment set to be at Survivor Series 2010.

Randy Orton was defending the WWE Championship against Barrett with John Cena as the special guest referee. If Barrett lost, Cena would be fired. Because of this, a large number of fans in the WWE Universe were expecting the rookie to defeat The Apex Predator and hold the title all the way through until WrestleMania 27.

But that wasn't the case. Orton defeated Barrett and Cena lost his job, that was until he came back just over a week later and continued to cause havoc among The Nexus. The group, and Barrett never really recovered from that and it seems like a huge missed opportunity considering his downward trajectory since that night.

Speaking of Randy, let's move on to his second entry on the list.

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Published 19 Jan 2017
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