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5 times wrestlers fired back to “wrestling is fake”

Tina Kaviraj
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Nothing fake about a bleeding Mick Foley lying on thunm tacks on live television

Professional wrestlers and their fans cannot seem to leave behind that stale old accusation ‘wrestling is fake” even after all these years.

Whether they were called out about their profession by reporters in the earlier days or by fans on social media in more recent times, calling wrestling fake is far too simplistic. Sure, it’s scripted, but real people put their bodies on the line in real time in a display of sheer athletic ability and power for millions around the world and that cannot be fake.

Here’s a look at five wrestlers who make it very clear what they think of the ‘’wrestling is fake” accusation:

#5 Alberto del Rio         

Alberto del Rio at his recent visit to Kolkata India (Photo courtesy: WWE Network)


The WWE has a huge following in India and in their bid to move forward, they sent Alberto del Rio on a three day visit to the country starting on 7 July 16, 2016. The visit caused quite a flurry among the faithful in Kolkata and Bengaluru where he visited.

While he was here, in an interview with a reporter from NDTV, you guessed it, he was asked what he thinks of wrestling being called fake. Now del Rio is supposed to be a nice guy but even he couldn’t hide his displeasure at the question.

You have to admit, no one likes their work being called fake and meaningless – especially when you work so hard at it.

He handled the question quite well. Here’s what he had to say -

"If someone thinks wrestling is fake... the storylines sure, but the matches are real … and if someone says I don't watch wrestling because it's fake, well, would you like to try doing it first?"

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