5 times WWE stars were forced to fight for real

Bart Gunn vs Bradshaw in the Brawl for All final
Bart Gunn vs Bradshaw in the Brawl for All final
Modified 19 Mar 2021

WWE Superstars are well-known for their in-ring wrestling matches. While these matchups are scripted, there are times when the competitors need to throw down for real.

Many wrestlers have legitimate fighting backgrounds and know how to handle themselves in physical combat. They are often challenged to fights by members of the public wanting to test the toughness of these 'fake' fighters.

From professional MMA bouts and boxing matches to wild bar brawls, check out the 5 times WWE superstars were forced to fight for real.

List of real fights involving WWE superstars

#5 Bart Gunn vs Butterbean (Brawl for All)

Bart Gunn competing in the Brawl for All
Bart Gunn competing in the Brawl for All

The infamous 'Brawl for All' tournament was created in 1998 by Raw Head Writer Vince Russo. The idea was to find out who was the toughest guy in WWE by having real fights live on Monday Night Raw.

16 WWE superstars took part, including Bradshaw, The Godfather, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman, Bob Holly, Savio Vega and Dan Severn. Unfortunately, these real fights ended up injuring many of the contestants. One of the favorites to win, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, was upset by Bart Gunn in the second round. He tore his hamstring and was knocked out in the fight which led to him being off TV for several months.

The Brawl for All was eventually won by Bart Gunn (formerly of the Smoking Guns tag team) who knocked out Bradshaw in the final on Raw in August 1998.

Gunn received $75,000 in prize money and was then matched against the famous professional boxer, Butterbean, at Wrestlemania 15. In what turned out to be a mismatch, Gunn was knocked out in just 35 seconds and fired by the WWE not long after.

Some have said that the Butterbean fight was a punishment for Gunn winning the Brawl for All and ruining Vince McMahon’s future matchmaking plans.

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Published 19 Mar 2021
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