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5 ways Bray Wyatt can bounce back after WWE Super ShowDown

The  Fiend will bounce back
The Fiend will bounce back
Modified 24 May 2020, 12:23 IST
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This past Thursday, Bill Goldberg defeated The Fiend Bray Wyatt to win his second WWE Universal Championship at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

To quote Douglas Adams, this has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Judging by what I'm reading on Twitter and in the comments section, there are many among you who feel that Bray Wyatt - or, at least, the 'Fiend' character - is "finished". That there's no way he can recover from a defeat like this and that he is, effectively, "buried". As one of my Sportskeeda colleagues put it, "I can't believe it's over".

Well, first off, for people who are supposedly such big supporters of the Firefly Fun House host, it's disheartening to see that you have so little faith in his ability to bounce back from a setback like this. It's sort of like how Daniel Bryan's career went absolutely nowhere after losing his world title in a squash match at WrestleMania. Shame, really.

Well, *I* have plenty of faith in Bray Wyatt (or, in the words of his younger brother, I BO-lieve in Bray Wyatt), and I have no doubt that he'll recover from this and can even turn this into a positive.

How? Glad you asked. Here's just a few ways he can move on.

#5 Torment Goldberg

The Fiend vs Goldberg
The Fiend vs Goldberg

At the end of Super ShowDown this past Thursday, as Goldberg stood on the turnbuckles, celebrating, The Fiend was back on his feet, looking like he was about to pounce and attack the new champion. Goldberg, sensing someone was behind him, turned around - you know he expected something like this, as the WWE Hall of Famer had already shown he was prepared for Wyatt's tricks.


Instead, The Fiend made some wild, angry gestures at Goldberg - and then the arena lights went out. When they came back on, Wyatt was gone.

This is a good time for Wyatt - in all his forms - to vanish for just a little bit. Don't show up again, in any form, until the SmackDown after Elimination Chamber - or at least not until Goldberg's opponent for WrestleMania is determined. And, even then, don't even show up in person. Start to bring out a side of Goldberg we've never seen before. Make Goldberg nervous.

Not just Goldberg, though. If rumors are true, and we're getting Goldberg vs Reigns in Tampa, have Wyatt torment him, too. After all, much like the others that The Fiend has feuded with, Reigns and Wyatt have a history together. Soon, it will become apparent that The Fiend never really had any desire to be champion - he just wants to destroy people.

Eventually, everything will fall into place and The Fiend will be back to being the horror movie villain he's supposed to be.

And, if you absolutely can't keep him off TV for that long, there's maybe only one man who would be important enough to bring him back right away...

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Published 29 Feb 2020, 05:01 IST
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