5 Ways Emma aka Tenille Dashwood could return to WWE 

Tenilla Dashwood could make a return to WWE
Tenilla Dashwood could make a return to WWE

Tenille Dashwood, formally known as Emma, is now a free agent from Impact Wrestling. In 2012, her unique dance and sweet personality won her over with many WWE fans.

She later turned heel and refused to acknowledge her previous happy-go-lucky character, except to say she hated it with every fiber of her being. She was just as compelling of a character as a heel. However, some might believe it was not up to its fullest potential.

She left WWE to work for Impact Wrestling. There she became a one-time Knockout Tag Team Champion. She challenged for the Knockout Championship several times but fell short.

Some might say she had a career resurgence in Impact Wrestling, as her attitude-based character was explored more fully for that company. With her time with Impact Wrestling at an end, there is much speculation about where she might go.

This list will explore the different ways she might return to WWE.

#5. Tenille Dashwood gets a WrestleMania return

Tenille Dashwood never got a singles match at WrestleMania
Tenille Dashwood never got a singles match at WrestleMania

Tenille Dashwood has only appeared at WrestleMania once in her entire career. That was the Vickie Guerrero Invitational match for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania XXX.

After being a free agent, she might want to make a big return to WWE. One of the most effective ways to debut or return a wrestler is to bring them out on WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes' epic return at WrestleMania 38 captured the imagination of wrestling fans. While Dashwood may not be as big as Rhodes, the concept can still work. With two women’s titles, they could present one against the Royal Rumble winner.

Her potential foe could be faced with being attacked by an unseen enemy, harassed non-stop. Something like, “I know what you did in NXT.” This might be especially effective against the four horsewomen (Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley), as she feuded with them all in NXT.

Upon her return, Emma could come out as a surprise and win the women’s title. The shock and title win factor would go a long way to making her a star.

#4. Return to NXT

Emma got to shine in NXT.
Emma got to shine in NXT.

Tenille Dashwood is a very experienced wrestler and wouldn’t need to be in NXT to work on her skills. Instead, she would go there to establish herself with the WWE audience and make sure people see the new Dashwood, not the “Emma” of old. In the past, they have used NXT to establish a new character for a returning star, such as Drew McIntyre. It could work for Emma.

Still, Tenille Dashwood wouldn’t need to be just any female wrestler on the roster. To come into NXT, it would be reasonable, given her background, to face the NXT Women’s Champion and win the title.

This may help fans believe that they are serious about working with her. A good title run would go a long way in helping people past the bubbly character.

#3. Coming out to face a legend

Trish Stratus made a return at RAW this week
Trish Stratus made a return at RAW this week

While interesting, Trish’s return to WWE could use an engaging storyline. Tenille Dashwood could return to challenge the Hall of Famer to a match.

Tenille could be a heel and show absolutely no respect for the legend. Trish could act like the former is not at her level, but Dashwood constantly attacking her could provoke the match.

They could run personal angles, like breaking into her house and destroying her possessions, similar to Edge's invasion of John Cena's home in 2006. It’s an old-school approach but could work in the modern age.

In the match against Trish, Tenille coming out to win the match would help. Trish would be helping a new star get over.

#2. Surprise member of a Survivor Series match

Survivor Series has always proven to be an excellent way to make someone's debut. The Undertaker’s first-ever pay-per-view match was at the Survivor Series in 1990, where he pinned Dusty Rhodes.

This is something that could work again. Just plug Emma into the match and give her a win. It’s not as dynamic as some other ideas, but it’s a great way to get her over with the fanbase.

While getting a win over a major female wrestler like Charlotte would do a lot for her. That alone could be a great debut to establish Tenille Dashwood as a star.

It's even better if she becomes the sole survivor. It would be a huge way to announce that she is in WWE to win. As the sole survivor of a match, she would be well on her way to being established.

#1. Royal Rumble debut

Tenille Dashwood, Royal Rumble contender
Tenille Dashwood, Royal Rumble contender

Multiple debuts and returns have happened at the Royal Rumble. Edge's return excited the wrestling world, while the debut and reaction of AJ Styles helped set him up as a key player in WWE. The same logic goes for Tenille Dashwood.

She wouldn’t have to win to be established with the Royal Rumble, though that would be great. She could also enter at number one and go for 50 or 60 minutes. Or she could come in as a late entry and remove six or seven participants quickly.

There are many scenarios with the Royal Rumble that would help her get over. Winning or not, this wide range of potential is why returns and debuts often happen at this event.

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