5 reasons why Emma aka Tenille Dashwood should return to WWE

Emma, aka Tenille Dashwood, could potentially return to WWE
Emma, aka Tenille Dashwood, could potentially return to WWE

Could Emma potentially return to WWE television in the near future? Fans are speculating about Tenille Dashwood's future in professional wrestling following reports indicating that she is no longer under contract with Impact Wrestling.

The Australian star is no stranger to World Wrestling Entertainment. She signed with the company in 2011 and was released in 2017. She was part of Florida Championship Wrestling, NXT, and the main roster. Emma was an integral part of the NXT brand as it developed and the women's division evolved.

Ever since Triple H became in charge of creative for the company, many stars from NXT have returned to the company. Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Hit Row, Dexter Lumis, and Johnny Gargano had all been released or left the promotion but recently returned to television. Could Emma be next?

While Emma's return to World Wrestling Entertainment is certainly possible, the question is whether the Australian star should make a comeback or not. This article will dive into key reasons why Tenille Dashwood should be brought back to the company.

Below are 5 reasons why Emma, aka Tenille Dashwood, should return to WWE.

#5. Emma never got her due for her part in the Women's Evolution

Emma and Paige at NXT ArRIVAL
Emma and Paige at NXT ArRIVAL

When discussing the Women's Evolution, the Four Horsewomen of WWE are typically given credit. At times, Paige is often given credit for her contributions. The Glampire had a big match on the first NXT special on WWE Network titled NXT ArRIVAL. Her opponent from the event was Emma, who unfortunately isn't given similar credit by fans or the company itself.

One of the key figures in NXT for the majority of the brand's lifespan was William Regal. On his podcast, he recently gave credit to Emma along with Paige. Below were his comments:

“I’m gonna have to give Paige and Emma the highest compliment I can give them is that they were the two people before the four horsewomen and everybody else they, Paige and Emma were the people, the two ladies that set all that in motion as far as being where everything went from then onwards."

William Regal noted that they were the two women who set the wheels in motion for what became the Women's Evolution. While Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch took things to new heights, Paige and Emma laid the groundwork.

Emma's lackluster run on the main roster could be the reason why her influence is often overlooked by WWE. If she were to return to the promotion, there's a chance that the Australian superstar could finally get the credit she deserves.

#4. She is extremely talented and would boost the division

WWE's various rosters are in a bit of a rebuilding phase. Due to budget cuts over the last two years, numerous stars have been cut from the promotion. Smaller rosters have led to constant rematches and unimaginative bookings at times.

Since Triple H took control of creative and talent relations, the rosters are finally growing. Several stars have returned to the promotion, while others have been called up. Bayley recently returned from injury and joined RAW alongside IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. Meanwhile, SmackDown recently saw the returns of Scarlett and B-Fab.

If Tenille Dashwood rejoins WWE, she could be a major boost to the promotion. The Australian star is charismatic and can wrestle as well as almost anybody. Emma would benefit whichever roster she'd be assigned to.

#3. Emma could reunite with Dana Brooke now that Women's Tag Team Titles exist

Dana Brooke and Emma
Dana Brooke and Emma

During Emma's early years in WWE, she had a gimmick of a wacky, dancing airhead. Her eccentric personality and dance moves became a hit among NXT fans and when she was called up to the main roster, she initially had the same persona.

When she returned to NXT, she changed up her persona and became a heel. She showed more fire and aligned herself with a green Dana Brooke and the tandem got successful together.

Dana Brooke and Emma were united prior to tag team titles existing for women on NXT and the main roster. If she were to return to the company, she and Dana could potentially reunite and chase after the gold together.

Brooke is mostly used in comedic 24/7 Championship segments anyway, so the change in pace could be good for her.

#2. Her boyfriend works in WWE

Madcap Moss
Madcap Moss

Another reason why Tenille Dashwood should consider rejoining WWE is so that she can work alongside her boyfriend. It was revealed earlier this month that the Australian star is dating WWE SmackDown Superstar Madcap Moss.

Ever since going public with their relationship, the two have periodically interacted on social media. After news broke of Tenille's contract with Impact Wrestling seemingly ending, Moss teased the idea of her potentially joining him in World Wrestling Entertainment.

If Emma were to return to the promotion, the two could end up being paired together on-screen. Madcap Moss seemingly had some momentum behind him a few months ago, but he's since gotten lost in the shuffle. If the two have chemistry on-air, it could reinvigorate his character while also bringing her back into the fold.

#1. Tenille has unfinished business in the company

The 33-years-old has wrestled all around the world in several major promotions. Beyond her time with WWE, she also competed in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor. She's even a former Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Champion. She held the gold alongside Madison Rayne.

Unfortunately, she never did win a title while working for WWE. She was called up to the main roster before initially getting a chance to hold the NXT Women's Championship. Afterwards, her push was too sporadic for her to win gold.

She needs to return to WWE to right a wrong. Not only did she not get her due to help lead the Women's Evolution, but she deserves to hold the title in the company. With several championships available for female superstars, she could finally make it to the next level.

Will Tenille Dashwood make a big return to World Wrestling Entertainment? For now, nobody can be certain. Regardless, she would be an incredible addition to the roster and rejoining the company could help her re-establish her legacy.

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